Gilbert/Phoebe Line
Susannah FITZ RANDOLPH b.26 Feb 1785 Blazing Star, NJ 2
d.22 Jun 1824 5
Joseph Delphine EVERINGHAM
m.6 Jul Rahway Union, NJ 1809 1,2,6,7
Jacob FITZ RANDOLPH (b.1755 NJ)
Anna WEBSTER (b.1760 NJ)

married Nov. 4, 1780
in Plainfield, Union County, NJ 2
children: EVERINGHAM

  1. Margaret (b.1804)
  2. Phoebe Anna (b.~1810 d.1824)5
  3. Gilbert D. (b.1818)4
  4. Sarah S. (b.1813 d.1824)5
  5. Elizabeth R. (b.1816)5
  6. Susan R. (b.1820)5
  7. Jacob R. (b.1821 d.1822)5
  8. Lydia W. (b.1823)5


  1. Sarah (b.23 Jun 1781 d.1815)
  2. Elizabeth (b.17 mar 1783 d.1844)
  3. Isaac (b.24 Nov 1787 d.1840)
  4. John (b.12 Mar 1789 d.1827)
  5. Hugh (b.7 Nov 1792 d.1852)
  6. Jacob (b.1 May 1795 d.1850)
  7. Samuel (b.18 Apr 1799)

GrandParents: info from fact source #2 below

Father's side:
Isaac FITZ RANDOLPH (b.1731 in New Jersey)
Catherine HOFF

Mother's side:

fact sources and writings about this individual:
1Birth info from: "NY Gen & Biographies V5 1874".
2Info from Fitz Randolph History. (see extensive parent's links above)
3Some info indirectly from "Jen White" US, and/or Ray Everingham of Australia.
4Info obtained from the internet. (various family websites)
5Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Vol 3 (New York)
FACT Source#6
The New York Weekly Museum July 8, 1809 also known as "Impartial Gazetter, Saturday Evening Post, and Ladies' Weekly Museum" was printed in NY from 1788 to 1817.

"Everingham, Joseph D., merchant of this city, married, on Thursday last, at the Friend's meeting-house, to Miss Fitz Randolph, daughter of Jacob Fitz Randolph of New Blazing Star.

Fact Source #7
Records of The Society of Friends NY & Vicinity - 1640-1800 Vol 9, page 35

Records of Rahway and Plainfield NJ Meeting of Friends 1687-1825. Marriages: Joseph D. Everingham of the city of NY, son of G & P Everingham to Susan Fitz Randolph daughter of Jacob and Anna Fitz Randolph of Woodbridge, Married at Rahway July 6 1809.

info sent from Tom Phillips, 2017;
1840 Friends newspaper....
"on third day evening the 26th of eleventh month 1839 at the residence of his son in law Jos D Evernhim of Blazing Star New Jersey, Jacob Fitz RANDOLPH in the 86th year of his age a much esteemed member of Rahway and Plainfield Monthly Meeting of Friends."

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