Sarah Louisa "Sallie" EVERNGAM b.25 November 1865 Queen Anne's County, MD
d.21 .May 1941 Catonsville, MD
Benjamin Franklin ELLERS, SR.
Martin VanBuren EVERNGAM
children: ELLERS
  1. James Martin (b.1883)
  2. Triplets (b.1884)
  3. Minnie Wilbertha (b.1889)
  4. Ada Elizabeth (b.1893)
  5. Benjamin Franklin, Jr. (b.1897)
  6. Lelia Marie (b.1900)
  7. Margaret "Muzz" (b.1904)
  8. Norah Mirth (b.1906)
siblings: EVERNGAM
  1. Lorenzo James (b.1865)
  2. Marywill Bertha (b.1871)
  3. William Arthur (b.1873)
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Sarah Louise Everngam Ellers

Benjamin Ellers, Sr. worked on the Chesapeake and grew up on the Chester River. Per vital records, the area was called Booker's Warf and the property was eventually sold to a camp - now Pecometh Camp. He worked as an "ice breaker" on the bay in the winter - operating a boat that would chop through the ice and allow the barges up the bay. The family moved to Baltimore around 1900 and he became a shoemaker.

According to my mother Marjorie Glenn DeVier and my grandmother Mirth Ellers Glenn, Sallie gave birth to triplets early on in her marriage. Per census records she and her husband were married in 1882 when she was 17 years old. Her older son James Martin was born early the following year in Feb 1883. Per the 1900 census, Sallie lists herself as the mother of 8 children with only 5 living. (James, Minnie, Ada, B. Franklin Jr. and Leila) Margaret and Mirth were born in 1904 and 1905. The triplets were born when she was still very young and they died, according to my grandmother, because Sallie couldn't nurse all three. They were most likely born between James in 1883 and Minnie in 1889. The family was in Baltimore city by 1900, but probably moved back and forth across the bay to Queen Anne's county. Ada, who died in 1901 of dyptheria (per her death certificate), died at Booker's Warf on the Chester River. The triplets are most likely buried with Ada somewhere near Centerville.

James Martin Ellers died July 13, 1954 at Spring Grove Hospital in Catonsville. He fell from a roof sometime between 1910 and 1920 and was admitted to Springfield. He was transferred to Spring Grove by 1930. The reason for death listed on his death certificate is heart disease and schizophrenia. He was married and had 4 children who were put into orphanages because the family could not care for them.

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