Abraham STONER b.8 Sept 1792 (or 1789)4 Albany Co. NY
d.24 Jun 1884 Pickering, Ontario Co, Ontario Canada.
Elizabeth (Betsy) MATTHEWS
(born abt 1796 N.Bruns)
Abraham's parents:

Peter STONER U.E.L. 5
Margareth FROLICH (b.10 Jan 1756)

children: STONER
  1. Henry (b. 1833)

  2. Peter (1841-1884)3
siblings: STONER
  1. Peter (b.~1772?)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Research of Kevin Everingham; internet & CD research. 1995-2002
2Murray Le Masurier 2001 &/or Garry Johnson 2001 WorldConnect files.
3Sanilac Co. Death Record #157, Oct 10 1884, Peter Stoner, married, age 43, died at Lexington of Typhoid Fever, Parents; Abram & Elizabeth Stoner. - mother born in New Bruns, NS.
4NOTE - some records indicate Abraham's date of birth as 1789, which makes more sense!

5notes about Abraham Stoner's father (PETER)
2001 Information from Murray Le Masurier;
Peter Stoner U.E.L; Peter Stoner was a Loyalist from Albany Co NY, of German origin in the Revolutionary War who settled in Pickering Ontario (just East of Toronto).
2001 Information from Garry Johnson;
Peter was a United Empire Loyalist, moving from New York to Ontario in November, 1783. He came with his wife and family and his brother John and his family. Peter and his brother John were on a 'wanted list' in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., New York in June 1778. Peter is listed as "joined Royal Standard under Burgoyne 1777 with Butler's Rangers". Peter is listed as having 5 children in 1786 and 9 children in 1798.

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