AKA Susan C. Everham
b.July 1893 New York
William George EVERHAM
  1. Clifford (b.~1878 NJ)
  2. Lillian (b.Sept 1886 NJ)
  3. Charles (b.Dec 1889 NJ)
  4. William (b.Nov 1897 NY)
  5. Jennie R.

fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research timeline of Kevin Everingham, 2011:

1900 CENSUS Burlington city, Burlington, NJ... enDist 8, page 16A... William Everham, b.Jan 1857 NJ, married 24 years, occ: St.Engineer,... Sarah, b.April 1858 NJ, wife, mother of 7, 5 living,... Lillie, b.Sept 1886 NJ, dau,... Charles, W. b.Dec 1889 NJ, son,... Susie, b.Jul 1893 NJ, dau,... William, b.Nov 1897 NY, son.
from this census it appears that: Clifford, Lillian, Charles, Susie, & William are the 5 children living, since Clifford was married and living in a seperate home.

1905 STATE CENSUS Burlington NJ (Page 13, family #316).. "William G. Everham 46, b.Jan 1859, NJ, occ; shoemaker,.. Sarah Everham 46, b.Apr 1859 NJ,.. Charles Everham 14, b.Dec 1890 NJ,.. Susan Everham 10, b.Jul 1894 NY,.. William G. Everham 8, b.Nov 1896 NY,.. Jennie R. Everham 3, b.Oct 1901 NJ,.. Charles Schremrm (sp?) 35, b.Sept 1869 Germany, occ; cooper."

see 1910 census below for Elizabeth J. Middleton reference;
1905 STATE CENSUS of Camden, New Jersey,.. "Elizabeth J. Middleton 32, b.Feb 1873 NJ, widow, occupation; hotel"

1910 CENSUS Burlington Ward 4, Burlington, NJ (page 4, family 84),...William G. Everham, 53, Susie, 42,.. William 13,... Susan F. Snider, 78, mother-in-law, b.PA, widowed, parents b.PA.
Susie was not listed with her parents in 1910, she would have been abt 16 or 17 years old, she and her younger sister were living with an aunt, possibly mother's sister?.. a widowed Saloon Owner, in nearby Camden, NJ.
1910 US CENSUS Camden, Camden, NJ (Sheet 8B, house #139).. "Elizabeth J. Middelton 36, b.NJ, widow, mother of 0 children, saloon proprieter,.. Susie C. Everham 16, b.NY, niece,.. Jennie R. Everham 8, b.NJ, niece,.. William B. Merrick 57, b.NJ, saloon bartender." By the 1920 Census of Camden, Camden, NJ, Aunt Elizabeth J. Middleton was 46, a widow, and living with nephew; George S. Marsh 33, b.NJ, & his wife, Carry K. Marsh 28.. I do not find Susie or Jennie Everham in 1920.

1916 Marriage Index of Philadelphia, PA... it should be noted that there is NO proof of who this index references and only a slim chance that it is the same person... "Sue C. Everham, 1916"

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