Tryphena Ann KITCHELL b.16 Apr 1785 in Hanover, Morris Co. NJ
d. abt 1830 in Hamilton County, Ohio4
Enoch EVERINGHAM (b.1783)
Asa KITCHELL (b.28 Oct 1748)2
Rhoda BALDWIN (b.about 1748)2
married 11 Jul 1770 Hanover, NJ
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Joseph (b.abt 1812)4
  2. John Andrew (b.22 Dec 1814)
  3. Mary "John's Twin" (b.22 Dec 1814)
  4. Rhoda (b. abt 1818)4
  5. Abigail (b.19 Nov 1820)4
siblings: KITCHEL
all born in Hanover NJ 2

  1. Anna Nancy (b.1771?)
  2. Benejah (b.~1771?)
  3. Grace (b.10 Jun 1773)
  4. Abigail (b.28 Dec 1774)
  5. Joseph (b.31 Jul 1779)4
  6. Timothy (b.30 Nov 1781)
  7. Wickliff (b.21 May 1789)

fact sources and writings about this individual:

1most of the info on this page is from "Connie Baker" or "Estelle Black".
2This info confirmed by: IGI Records fiche# 1396082, #1760752 and submissions from Harriett Louise Cox Easley of PALMER ALASKA and Debra Ball of CYPRESS TX.

Her Father "Asa" was born in Hanover, Morris County, New Jersey
He died 7 Nov 1807 He married Rhoda Baldwin 11 Jul 1770
GrandParents: Joseph KITCHELL (b.1712) and Rachel BATES.
GREAT GrandParents: Abraham KITCHELL (b.1679 d.1741), and Sarah BRUEN (b.1679 d.1745)

Extended Family Line:
Abraham KITCHELL (b.1679 NJ) ---son of--- Samuel (b.1635 Eng) --- son of--- Robert (b.1601 Eng) ---son of--- John (b.1571 Eng) ---son of--- Edward "Kytchill" (b.1535 England)

4Information from the records of Estelle Black 2000/2001. "The 5 children moved to Palestine, Ill in 1830 and lived with Tryphena's brother (Joseph & Rachel Looker-Kitchell) No records of Tryphena after that date. Researchers think she had died by then."

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