Ira Clarence TEDFORD
"Reverend I.C. Tedford"2
Ellen EVERINGHAM (b.1871)
24 Dec 1895 Crawford Co. Ill
Robert Newton TEDFORD (b.1822 d.1909)
Margaret A. DELZELL (b.1824 d.1900)
children: TEDFORD
  1. Anna

    married P.E. Huffman

siblings: TEDFORD
  1. James Gilbert (b.1848)
  2. John James? Madison (b.1855)
  3. Williard Pollock (b.1855)
  4. Newton Alonzo (b.1858 d.1930)
  5. Marietta Evangeline (b.1860)
  6. Margaret I. (b.1864 d.1935)
  7. Annett Angeline (b.1867)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
1From "Descendants of Robert Tedford, Sr." Page from The Keith Mikeworth Family Web Site March 2000, (Keith & Wanelle Mikeworth) Midland Texas.
2From the pamphlet "The Story of My Life" by George Baxter Everingham.

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