Thompson Henry EVERINGHAM b.30 Sept 1929 Pittsburgh, PA
Irene Teresa FRYE of Crabtree, PA
daughter of Helen & Welty FRYE2
Thompson Henry EVERINGHAM (b.~1896 NJ)
children: EVERINGHAM1
  1. Catherine (b.27 Dec 1959)
  2. Thomas Jeffry (b.16 Jul 1962)
  3. James Robert (b.29 Dec 1965)
Children were born in Greensburg, PA
  1. Ralph
  2. Edward??
  3. Dorothy (b.12 Dec 1926?)
  4. Mary (b. 1933/34?)
  5. Annie Egan (b.21 Aug 1936)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Information from Thompson Henry Everingham (b.1929) sent August 13, 2002.

2Social Security Death index shows a Welty F Frye born 16 Dec 1907, died 31 March 1992. Social Security Number issued in Pennsylvania.

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