Thomas James Everngam b.Abt 1831
d.April 2, 1865
Never married (?)
William Willis EVERNGAM
Louisa BLAND
  1. None
siblings: Everngam
  1. Lorenzo Dow (b.~1829)
  2. William Henry (b.~1832)
  3. Mary Elizabeth (b.~1833)
  4. Martin Van Buren (b.1836)
  5. J. Frank (b.1842)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Page Info Submitted by: Mike Everngam ( email )

1. "The Everngam Family History", by William H. Everngam, 1942; unpublished manuscriptSource of most information on family of Willis Everngam and Louisa Bland.
2. "4th Maryland Light Artillery Battery Roster", Source contains listing of "Thomas J. Evergau" as a private in the battery.
3. "4thd (sic) Maryland Artillery C.S.A."Source provides information on the 4th Maryland Battery, CSA.
4. Letter to The Record (newspaper), Centreville, MD, May 3, 1900. Source provides information on the time and circumstances of Thomas J. Everngam's death.

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