William Blake EVERINGHAM
AKA "Blake"
b.20 April 1887 N.Cayuga, Haldimand, Ontario
d.25 July 1918 Port Stanley, Ontario
Etta SHERWOOD (b.~1889)
William Elliot EVERINGHAM (b.1860)
Carolyn HUMPHREY (b.1855)
children: EVERINGHAM

  1. Blake N. (b.July 1908 NY)
  1. Charlotte (b.1882)
  2. Elsie Maud Ann (b.1884 d.1884)
  3. Ethel Augusta (b.Aug 1885)
  4. Alonzo T. (b.1892)
  5. Cecil (b.1896)
  6. Myrtle (b.1898)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham 2010-2011

this may be Etta's family: 1881 CENSUS St.Patrick ward, Toronto, Ontario ... Emily Sherwood 61, b.England, widowed,... Charles 18, b.ONT, occ: Clerk,... Mary 24 b.ONT.

1887 Ontario Birth Registration (film #1845885) William Blake Everingham, b.20 April 1887 at North Cayuga, Haldimand County, Ontario,... son of ... William Everingham & Caroline Humphrey.

1891 CENSUS Parry Sound & McDougall, Ontario, Canada ... William Everingham was age 4, b.Ontario.

1910 CENSUS Elkart/ ward 6, Elkhart Co. Inidana --- Blake Everingham, 24 b.CAN, married, parents b.CAN,... Etta 22, b.NY, parents b.CAN, wife,... Blake N. 1y8m, son, b.NY,... Bernard Cooks b.IL, single.

1918 Ontario Vital Statistics - Death Records, Norfolk County Certificate #14946/18, William 'Blake' Everingham, died 25 July 1918, Port Stanley, Ont. male, 31 years, Telegraph Operator, married, b. Haldimand County, Cause: Drowning, Dr. Geo. R. Jackson of Union, Ont. Informant - R.R.Williams of St.Thomas on July 27, 1918; father = William Everingham, Mother = Caroline Humphrey.

probable correct death,..not absolutely sure this is the right Etta...
1931 Ontario Death registration... Etta Everingham 42, daughter of Charles Sherwood & Mary Baird, died 24 August 1931 at Essex, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

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