b.10 Aug 1625 Greasley, Eng.
Christening: 17 Feb 16272
at Greasley, Nottingham, England1
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Elizabeth BUTLER 26 Jul 16552
at Greasley, Nottingham, England2
b.1635 Greasley, Nottingham, England
see footnote #4 below
William EVERINGHAM b.~1599
Katherine WATKINSON b.~1601
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Elizabeth (b.20 Apr 1656)
  2. George (b.12 Apr 1660)
  3. Katherine (b.9 Jun 1663)
  4. Nathaniel (b.1668)
  5. name unknown
  1. Elizabeth (b.1626)
  2. Hannah (b.1629)
  3. Martha (b.30 Sep 1632)
  4. Katherine (b.1634)
  5. Margaret (b.1635)
  6. George (b.1637)
  7. John (b.1640)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
This info is from FamilySearch® Ancestral Files (AFN) & IGI:
1Info from Irma Penrod, Goshen UT... & Terry Sackett, Las Vegas NV
2Film #1058830 Batch 7632221 (IGI)
3Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #5 "Corina DELOR, Salem Missouri"
4From CD source #3 above:
wife: "Elizabeth's" parents were William BUTLER (b.19 Dec 1607) & Anne BROWN (b.1609) both born in Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England, married 30 Nov 1633 in Greasley, Nottingham, England.
Children listed above all born in: "Greasley, Nottingham, England".

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