William EVERINGHAM b.6 Aug 1797, Field of Mars
d.6 Sep 1859 Pitt Town Bottoms
Jane CHASELING (b.1804)
m.22 Aug 1820 St. Matthews, Windsor

Frances (Napthali) DUNN
m.13 May 1850

Matthew James EVERINGHAM (b.1769)
Elizabeth RHYMES (b.1774)
children: EVERINGHAM

    12 unknown
  1. Mary (b.1791 d.1792)
  2. Sarah Elizabeth (b.1793)
  3. Matthew James (b.1795)
  4. George (b.1799)
  5. Ann (b.1802)
  6. Elizabeth (b.1805)
  7. John Rymes (b.1806)
  8. James (b.1809)
  9. Maria (b.1811)
  10. John (b.1814)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
wife #1 "Jane" was born 7 Aug 1804 @ Portland Head & died 8 Sept 1847 @ Sackville Reach, she was the daughter of Thomas CHASELING and Margaret McMAHON.

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