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Fact & Speculation about the EVINGHAM family of Amity, NY
fact sources and writings about this family:

Research of Kevin Everingham 2004-2011;
These EVINGHAM's lived in Amity, NY in 1850... I believe they are brothers. It should be noted that much of the information given here and on the pages of related research are based on circumstantial evidence and much is yet unproven.

1840 CENSUS Caledonia, Livingston, New York ... (page 226)... Aurella Everingham
possible parent of the Everinghams who show up in the 1850 census?.. this is the only Everingham that I find in this location of NY in 1840... so others must be listed within this household and not listed individually.
1850 CENSUS Amity, Allegany, New York ... (family #27) Wm Evingham 27,.. Jane 28,.. Octave 7,.. Mary 3,.. Lavina 1,.. Aurelia 50. From this census it appears that their mother's name is Aurelia.
1850 CENSUS Amity, Allegany, New York ... (family #84) Sidney Evingham 33,.. Elizabeth 33,.. Nancy M. 8,.. Jonathan 5,.. Cyrus 2.
1850 CENSUS Amity, Allegany, New York ... (family #204) John Evingham 25,.. Catherina 23,.. Clarissa 2,.. Catherine 5m.
it appears that 3 brothers were living in the same town...
John & Catherine... and Sidney & Elizabeth are buried at the Rogers Cemetery, Amity, Allegany County, NY... they are buried under the name "EVINGHAM" and John is listed as a Civil War soldier "Co. A. 85th Regiment, NY Volunteers."

also living in this same town in;
1850 CENSUS Amity, Allegany, New York ... (family #208) Morgan Feathers 26,.. Aseneth Feathers 19,.. Aurilia Feathers 2.
Feathers family records show a brother & sister Morgan & Catherine, married Evingham's (I believe also a brother & sister) - John & Aseneth... Which is great circumstantial evidence along with where they all lived to show that the 3 probable brothers listed above had a sister named "Aseneth"... notice she also named her daughter "Aurilia" - the probable name of their mother.

                      Aurelia Evingham
     |                |              |             |
    Sidney          William         John        Aseneth

1855 STATE CENSUS Scio, Allegany, NY (Page 18, fam #162).. Morgan Feathers 30,.. Aseneth Feathers 23, wife,.. Mary L. Feathers 3,.. Emily Feathers 1,.. Arvilla Evingham 54, mother-in-law,.. Abel Amidon 22, boarder,.. Moses Sawyer 21, boarder. Mother Aurilla or "Arvilla" was living with daughter Aseneth in 1855. She is noted in this census as widowed, and born in "Mass".
1860 CENSUS Scio, Allegany, New York (family #189) ... Wm. Evingham 40 b.NY,... Jane 40, b.NY,.. Octavia 17, b.NY,.. Mary V. 13, b.NY,.. Lavina 11, b.NY,.. Charlotte 9, b.NY,.. Philip 4, b.NY,.. Wm. 2, b.NY
Same Census, page 29, family #244 Orrilla Evingham, age 59 (b.~1800) b.Connecticut.
it appears that there was a death or divorce by 1870 as Jane was living without William.. If he was still alive, he may have moved to Michigan and later remarried at age 60.

1870 CENSUS Cuba, Allegany, New York, July 1870 (family #529) ... Jane Evingham 49, keeps boarders, b.NY,.. Charlotte Evingham 18, at home,.. Philip Evingham 14,.. William Evingham 13,.. Frank Thomas 31, works in saw mill,.. Harlan Thomas 27, works in saw mill,.. Albert Russell 21, works in saw mill,.. Edward Olmsted 25, works in saw mill,.. Abner Bissell 27, works in saw mill,.. Julius Patterson 20, works in saw mill.
1870 or 1879 Headstone in the Springport Cemetery, Harrisville, Alcona County, MI ... (very worn) inscription "Sarah, wife of Wm Evingham, d.2 Jan 1870 or 1879? aged ### parts of it are not readable and the stone was broken and repaired.... daughter Lavina's death certificate lists her parents as "Wm & Sarah Evingham" in Alcona County, MI... This makes me 90% sure that this headstone is William's first wife. IF this is the correct Sarah Jane, then she died at age 49 to 58 and should have a 1870 or 79 death record or register at the Alcona Co. Michigan Courthouse or Clerk's Office. (I have not visited that courthouse yet.) That death certificate should have some important information about her.

1870 CENSUS New York.. ... William W. Mapes 47,... Mary A. 41,.. William 24,.. Emma 16,.. Erastus 14,.. Hartford 11,.. Leyman 6,.. Minnie B. 1,.. Orilla Evringham, 71, born in Connecticut.

Gazetteer and Business Directory
Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875
Compiled and published by Hamilton Child
   name       post office  road  occupation/acres
Evingham, Cyrus, (Belmont,)  r 8   farmer  60.
Evingham, John,  (Belmont,)  r 23, farmer  5.
Evingham, Sidney,(Belmont,). r 8,  farmer  80.

Is this the Same William ?
1879 MI Marriage Record... William Evingham 60, & Annie Towner 48, married 20 March 1879 at Harrisville, Alcona County, Michigan. William b.NY, occ: farmer, Annie b.CAN. witnesses: Matthew & Joseph O'Neal of Harrisonville. Record officially recorded April 5, 1880. Philip & William (his probable sons) also married here (same town in Michigan) in 1879/80.

1892 STATE CENSUS of Amity, Allegany, New York, lists Auriel Evingham, age 98! Is this the mother "Aurila/Orilla" who is listed in other records above?.. this would make her born abt (1794)??? In the 1850 census she would have been born about 1799., in the 1860 census she was born about 1800.... listed on the same page of this census are: John Evingham 24 (b.~1868) and Rhoda Evingham 15 (b.~1877)... on the next page of the same census is: Sidney Evingham 74 (b.~1818), Johnathan 45, Clara J. 44, William 25, John 22, Rhoda 20

1900 CENSUS Belmont Vil, Allegany, New York ... Jonathan Evingham, b.May 1845 NY,... Clara J. b.May 1848 NY, wife, mother of 2, 2 living,... Wiliam b.July 1866 NY, son, married 8 yrs (abt 1892),... Harry, b.Jan 1893 NY, grandson,... Edith, b.Sept 1873 NY, daughter-in-law, married 8 yrs, mother of 1... Lottie, b.April 1894 NY, granddaughter.
It is clear who Jonathan & Clara are, and William their son, but "Harry (b.1893)" is not clear.... Edith is William's wife and she is the mother of 1 child, who we know from this and other census data is "Lottie (b.1894)".... So.... Harry (b.1893) can NOT be the son of William, and according to the 1900 census, John H. Evinghams wife Rhoda was the mother of 1 child "Arilla"... so Harry can not be their son,... this only leaves Edward (b.1869). I have been unable to find Edward in Census data, but he must be the father of Harry, and may have died since Harry lived with relatives according to Census data. NOTE... The 1905 State Census of Amity lists Harry living with Jonathan and he is identified as a "Nephew".

Cemetery Index - Allegany County Historian's Office
"all Allegany burials of the name EVINGHAM & FEATHERS"
Transcribed by Ruby Sweet

Evingham, Charles N (A)	1883	1945	62y  
Evingham, Edna Allen	1858	1894	35y   Wife of Charles W Evingham 
Evingham, D A J Pendleton	1864	1923	 	  
Evingham, John A	1869	1931	   
Evingham, Elias	1886	1903	 	
Evingham, Philip	1861	1900	   
Evingham, Sidney	 	Aug 10 1895	77y	  
Evingham, Elizabeth	 	Jul 3 1877	72y   Wife of Sidney Evingham 
Evingham, Catherine	1827	1909	 		  
Evingham, John A	1825	1900	Co A 85 Regt NYV; Civil War Veteran 
Evingham, Clara	 	1928	79y		  
Evingham, Cyrus	 	1940	93y		  
Evingham, Edith	 	1962	93y		  
Evingham, Irene	 	1971	85y		  
Evingham, John H	1868	1934	 		  
Evingham, Jonathon	1846	1919	 		  
Evingham, Mary E	1854	1902	 		  
Evingham, Milton A	 	1967	81y		  
Evingham, Roy E	1906	1908	 		  
Evingham, Sarah	 	1959	91y		  
Evingham, William	 	1942	76y		 
Feathers, Jacob	 	Dec 2 1857(?)	66y 8m 9d		 
Feathers, Ettie Celia	1857	1895	 		 
Feathers, Henry	1823	1905	 		 
Feathers, Miles Alden	 	1944	86y		 
Feathers, Morgan W	1906	1927	 		 
Feathers, Nellie J	1867	1898	 		 
Feathers, George F	 	Jun 24 1855	62y 2m 1d		 
Feathers, Catherine	 	Oct 10 1879	81y 7m 27d	Wife of George F Feathers
Feathers, E F	 	 	 		Stone missing

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