unknown line
Hardware store owner
d.1928 Pennington, Mercer, NJ
Augusta G. SKILLMAN (1849-1934)
m.25 Dec 1872 Pennington, Mercer, NJ
Margaret SCHENCK
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Ernest Schenck (b.~1885 NJ)
siblings: EVERHAM
  1. Jane S. (b.~1841)
  2. Charlotte (b.~1843)
  3. Susan H. (b.~1845)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham, 2009;

1850 CENSUS Hopewell, Mercer, NJ (Aug 16, 1850) -- Aaron Everham 48, farmer, b.NJ, realestate value 4000,... Margaret Everham 44,.. Jane S Everham 9,.. Charlotte Everham 7,.. Susan H. Everham 5,.. William S. Everham 3,... / Jobe Hart 11.

1860 CENSUS Hopewell, Mercer, NJ (Page 17, Family 119) Aron Everham 59 b.NJ,.. Margret Everham 54 b.NJ,.. Susan H. Everham 15 b.NJ,.. William S. Everham 13 b.NJ,..

1872 Marriage Record ... Wm. S. Evringham 25 (b.~1847), s/o A. & Margaret Evringham,.... Augusta G. Skillman, 23, (b.~1849), d/o B. & R.N. Skillman (both single at the time of this marriage),... m.25 Dec 1872 at Pennington, Mercer, NJ.

1881 Trenton, New Jersey City Directory; "Henry Everingham, farmer,... William Everingham, laborer,... William S. Everingham, salesman,... Horatio Evernham, carpenter,... James Evernham, millwright,... William Evernham, potter."

1883 U.S. Passport application #7251.. Mercer County, NJ.. "I William S. Everingham am a native and loyal citizen of the United States and about to travel abroad in Germany, Scotland, France and Switzerland... description; 36 years old, 5 feet, 11 in. gray eyes, brown hair, light complexion,.. signed William S. Everingham, June 8, 1883."

1895 STATE CENSUS Trenton, Mercer, NJ (Page 20, family #147).. "William S. Everham, (20-60).. Augusta G. Everham, (20-60).. Ernest S. Everham" This is the right family, but a likely transcription error shows them all listed as white males.

1910 CENSUS Trenton, Mercer, NJ ... William S. Everingham 60, b.NJ, parents b.NJ,.. Augusta G. 54, wife, b.NJ, parents b.NJ,.. Ernest S. 25, son, married,.. Annette 24, daughter-in-law, b.NJ

1920 CENSUS Trenton, Mercer, NJ ... William Everingham 72, b.NJ, married,... Augusta G. 69, b.NJ, wife.

1920 Trenton, New Jersey City Directory; "Charles W. Everingham, salesman... Ernest S. Everingham, bookkeeper,... George Everingham, rubberworker,... Hart Everingham, tinsmith,... Horation C. Everingham, foreman,... William Everingham, scavenger,... William S. Everingham, hardware,... Wilson Everinhgam, clerk, State Hospital." There were also multiple; John and Frank Chamberlain's listed.(see Charlotte), there are also 20 Skillman's listed, possible relatives of Augusta.

1928 Pennington Cemetery, Pennington, Mercer County, New Jersey... William S. Everingham 1847-1928... Augusta G. Everingham (21 Aug 1849 - 25 July 1934) ... Ernest Schenck Everingham (3 Apr 1885 - 1965) .... Charlotte Augusta Everingham (1913-1981)

update 2016, research of Kevin Everingham of MI
It is "my opinion" that it is highly possible; this William is the same William S. Everingham who owned Everingham Hardware in Trenton NJ in the early 20th century. The photo below is a letterhead used from a letter in 1900.

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