Allentown Methodist Cemetery
Allentown, Monmouth County, New Jersey
known Everingham's as of mid 2001

Information gathered by: Tom Phillips, PA
photographed 2005 by Bob Howey.
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Name on the Stonedate on stone
Large Evernham / Hendrickson Monument
Middle section along the drive-way, surrounded by these stones:
Edmund Evernham . . . . listed on monumentMar 4, 1831-
June 5, 1910
Genevieve listed on monumentno dates
Genevieve Hill Evernham ...listed on monumentDec 1, 1870-
Oct 15, 1881
Genevieve M. Evernham1901-1918
Harriett Evernham - wife of JosephNov 21, 1880
aged 71 yrs.
Joanna D. Evernham1857-1938
Mary E. Dilatush... listed on monumentOct 15, 1835-
Mar 18, 1926
Mary F. Evernham1879-1926
Allen C. Evernham1854-1936
Thomas H. Evernham1876-1963
Belinda Evernham
along driveway, right side of cemetery, "still near monument". (sister of Edmund)