Everingham Family History Record Reprint... (c)May 2003
Thanks to the New Jersey State Police for allowing the re-print of their article. 

2000 - Trooper
Bryan M. Everingham #5347

Trooper Bryan M. Everingham (#5347), assigned to the Community Policing Unit within the Patrol Support Section, Field Operations Bureau, embodies the tradition of the New Jersey State Police and, as Trooper of the Year, achieved dramatic reductions in crime and calls for service within his assigned community/patrol area. Tpr. Everingham accomplished this goal and achieved success by combining law enforcement duties with an intense commitment to community service.

Throughout 1999, Tpr. Everingham initiated and implemented many innovative and proactive programs designed to improve the quality of life within the Countryside Village community in Upper Deerfield Township.

While the Community Policing Unit is still in its infancy within the State Police, Tpr. Everingham has demonstrated that by being a committed, caring and involved trooper, the State Police and individual troopers can make a substantial impact on the communities in which they serve - accomplishing such goals as reducing the actual instances of crime and criminal activity; fostering community involvement and pride; serving as a role model for local youth; and building bridges between many different racial, religious and ethnic groups.

Re-printed with permission from;
Sgt Kevin Rehmann
NJ State Police
West Trenton, NJ

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