Everingham Family History Record Reprint... (c)Sept. 2013  

Determined attempt of a young
Married Woman to End Her Life.

The Buffalo Courier,
Sunday, March 19, 1893

---- March 18.. Mrs. Rush Rockwood, a young married woman from Bradford, PA, made a desperate attempt to commit suicide at a hotel here last night by swallowing six grains of morphine. She came very near dying, but two doctors have been working over her all day and tonight she is somewhat better, though not yet out of danger.

Mrs. Rockwood is only 20 years old and quite pretty. She is the daughter of Cyrus Evingham of Belmont. She ran away from home before she was 16 years old and married Rockwood in Olean. Her father had Rockwood arrested for abduction, but later relented and the girl had lived with her husband until about three months ago, when she deserted him while he was refinded to his bed with a broken leg. The husband and little daughter still live in Bradford. Thursday the woman visited them and bade them good-bye. Thursday night she attempted to poison herself in Bradford, but a physician was called in time and saved her life.

Before making the second attempt here last night she wrote a pathetic letter to her mother bidding her an affectionate farewell and directing the disposition of her remains. The letter gave evidence of intelligence and refinement. It is believed the girl's mind had become unbalanced from brooding over her domestic troubles.

information transcribed by
Kevin Everingham, 2013

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