Everingham Family History Record Reprint... (c)2014


The Burlington Mirror
(Page 3) June 3, 1852

  On Friday morning the 21st lst.(May, 1852), a colored man named Augustus Evernham, in the employ of Robert Woodward, living near Arneytown, went to the woods to cut down trees. As he did not return in the evening, Mr. Woodward went in search of him the next morning, and found his body lying by the only tree he had cut. This tree in falling, had broken a limb from a tree standing near, which limb had fallen on the head of the colored man and killed him--probably instantly. A knot on the limb had gone into his brain.

I have no idea who this man was. The only other instance of the Everingham name with "African-American" roots shows up in freed slaves from North Carolina or Georgia, but those don't show up until after the end of the Civil War 1865. This reference is 13 years prior to the end of slavery and in the north.

Transcribed by
Kevin Everingham
July, 2014

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