Cedar Hill Cemetery, Cedarville
Lawrence Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey

information & photos from
Robert Howey - July, 2004

Name on the Stonedate on stone
James F. Everingham
Amanda B. Everingham
Albert G. Sharp1860-1935
Margaret Swing (Everingham) Sharp1870-1954
Lewis R. Brandriff1866-1939
Sarah K. Brandriff1864-1961
Walter L. Everingham1869-1934
John E. Everingham1877-1916
Sara J. Everingham1872-1957

The following is a collage which shows stones of this cemetery & is not meant to be disrespectful
in any way... these stones are certainly not bunched together as shown in this group.

of the Everingham family stones:
James & Amanda Everingham and Albert & Margaret Sharp,
Lewis & Sarah K. Brandriff,
Sara J, John E. and Walter Everingham
photo taken July 2004