Orders of Consolidation of the 62nd Illinois Infantry

From the Illinois Adjutant General's Report.


NO. 98 Extract

III. The original service term of the Sixty-second Regiment Illinois Infantry Volunteers having expired, the retained re-enlisted men and recruits belonging thereto will, under the supervision of the Commissary of Musters for the Department, be re-organized as a seven company Battalion, with officers as follows, viz:

Name                   current rank              to be
Lewis C. True         Lieutenant Colonel        Lieutenant Colonel
Guy S. Alexander      Captain Company F	        Major
John W. Cameron       Surgeon                   Surgeon
Seth C. Hatch         Assistant Surgeon         Assistant Surgeon
William P. Ferris     First Lieut. and Adj't    First Lieut. and Adj't
Henry F. Walters      First Lieut. and QM       First Lieut. and QM
Jacob J. Applegate    Captain Co. A             Captain Co. A
Edmund M. Jordan      Captain Co. B             Captain Co. B
Allen Gibson          Captain Co. C             Captain Co. C
John W. Hannah        Captain Co. K             Captain Co. D
George S. Gary        Second Lieut. Co. E       Captain Co. E
George B. Everingham  First Lieut. Co. F        Captain Co. F
John C. Parcel	      Captain Co. I             Captain Co. G
Benjamin F. Gosnell   Sergeant Co. A            First Lieut. Co. A
John H. Aksins	      First Lieut. Co. B        First Lieut. Co. B
John J. Gibbons	      First Lieut. Co. C        First Lieut. Co. C
Elisha J. Tremble     First Lieut. Co. K        First Lieut. Co. D
Lewis L. Humphreys    Sgt. Co. E                First Lieut. Co. E
George F. Dollehon    Second Lieut. Co. F       First Lieut. Co. F
Samuel F. Wilson      First Lieut. Co. G        First Lieut. Co. G
Philip C. Suit        First Sgt. Co. K          Second Lieut. Co. A
William Oder          Sergeant Co. G            Second Lieut. Co. B
Noah Culp             Sergeant Co. C            Second Lieut. Co. C
Samuel C. Snapp       Second Lieut. Co. K       Second Lieut. Co. D
Joseph Stover         Sergeant Co. E            Second Lieut. Co. E
James Moores          Sergeant Co. F            Second Lieut. Co. F
Thomas Roberts        Sergeant Co. I            Second Lieut. Co. G
Each new company will have an enlisted total of at least ninety-six (96) men; and all commissioned officers of said Regiment, not herein designated, will report to the chief mustering officer for State of Illinois for muster-out, with that portion of original command entitled to discharge, April 10, 1865.

By command of Major General J. J. Reynolds

W. J. Buchanan, 1st Lieut. and A.A.A.G.