Dover Castle

The history of Dover Castle like some castles of England traces its construction after the Conquest in 1066 by King William I. (see battle of hastings)

The current structural status of Dover Castle shows in modern records as being "data unavailable". With each generation or battle, this castle stood defense for its people. And through the history of its people and their families, we learn how Dover Castle's mighty stone walls were carved by battle and survival through the generations.

partial view of Dover
Partial view of the sprawling Dover Castle.

This ancient cinque port and its legendary White Cliffs are the epitome of English patriotism.

In 1379, The Knight, Sir John Beaumont married Katherine Everingham. Sir John was Admiral of the North Sea, Constable of Dover Castle, and Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. Their children, were Sir Henry Beaumont "Baron" at Falkingham Castle, Sir Thomas Beaumont "Knight", and Baroness Elizabeth, wife of the 3rd Lord Botreaux.

Dover castle is set high above the English Channel and commands quite a spectacular view of the surrounding sea. Within it's walls can be found the numerous offices and tunnels that were used by coastal command during the Second World War and remain today as a very popular tourist attraction.

Notes on the history of Dover Castle through the centuries, show the "keep" dates back to the Conquest.