Notes from Mildred (McATEE) EVERINGHAM of Onaway:

While interviewing Mildred and Percy Everingham March of 2000, about their immediate family, I mentioned Charlie & Clara Everingham of Onaway.

Mildred said
"Clara Everingham was a classy lady. I really liked her. Not to say she was all prim & proper, but just one of those ladies that was truly a good person... She was a lot of fun to be around,.. oh, I liked charlie too, he was a good guy,... but I really liked that Clara."
Notes from other family who knew "Clara":

Marv Everingham (grandson) said: "She was a sweetheart"
Claudette Platte-Everingham said: "Boy, She was a sweetie"
Neva Springsteen (grand-daughter) "Grandma was a sweet lady"
Leora Stierly (daughter-in-law) "She was a sweet old lady"
notice a trend here?...
Everyone who I have ever spoke with has had this same sentiment about Clara Graves-Everingham. She must have been an incredible person to know. No doubt, Clara was a truly good person. Everyone who has memories of Clara, that looks at an old photo of her, smiles at the memory. We should all wish to be remembered as fondly as her.

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