Greenwood Cemetery
169 Charing Cross St.
From records kept at Mt. Hope Cemetery,
Brant County, Ontario, Canada
NORRIS Family Burials

Information gathered by: B.Walker,
Brantford, Ontario

NOTE: records are divided by Lot number and owner of Lot.

Name on the Stonedate of deathdate of Burialageestimated
date of birth
Lot #58Lot Owner; Robert Norris
Jane (Norris) Rowley
"spelling Rouley?"
wife of James Rouley m.1879
-July 9, 192185~1836
Annie Norris w/o JohnJan 5, 1920-70~1849
Elizabeth Norris
"wife of Robert"
-Apr 17, 188573~1811
Elizabeth Ireland-June 25, 19602 mo1960
Lot #487Lot Owner; Charles Penfold
Priscilla E. (Penfold) Norris
w/o Charles
Jan 3, 1946-82~1863
Charles E. NorrisMar 23, 1933-70~1862
Lot #396Lot Owner; George Blackburn
George A. NorrisSept 9, 1923-41~1882
Emmeline E. (Blackburn) Norris
"wife of Joseph"
Apr 19, 1911-68~1842
Sarah NorrisJuly 29, 1946-54~1892
Joseph NorrisJuly 25, 1938-82~1856
Lot #393Lot Owner; Thomas J. Norris
John James Norris-Nov 6, 186416~1848
Lot #614Lot Owner; William Fitness
Alice (Fitness) Norris
"wife of John"
-April 1, 189440~1853
Lot #800Lot Owner; Richard Wallace
William Norris-Dec 16, 188467~1817
James NorrisSept 18 ?? no year given27?
info gathered from people walking the cemetery
A. Norrisb.1882-d.1925--1882
Annie Norris1881-1946--1881
E. Norrisb.1886-d.1896--1886
William Norris
"Native of Scotland"
d.13 Dec 1834
same William listed above? (Lot 800?)