Town of Lysander, New York

Information gathered by: Kevin Everingham

Name on the Stonedate on stoneagedapprox
Everingham, Enochd.Jan 16 187774-5-201803
Everingham, Johnd.Feb 15, 185287y 10m1764
Everingham, Nancyd.Mar 18, 184073y 5m1767
Everingham, Samueld.Sept 13, 184448-10-181795
John & Nancy Everingham (above) are also listed as being buried in the
"Sherman Hollow Cemetery", Lot 91, That cemetery notes that the land was believed to have been given by John Everingham as the ground was part of his holding, but no deed has been found to prove this. Is this the same cemetery, or were John & Nancy moved to Hortontown Cemetery by their family? Enoch & Samuel (above) are their sons. Another interesting fact,.. Enoch (above) also shows up as being buried with his wife in the Lafayette Cemetery, Onondaga Co, NY. Enoch's parents and brother (Samuel) are not listed there, but other descendants of John & Nancy are. Maybe Enoch had a plot at Hortontown, but was buried in the larger family cemetery at Lafayette, or was moved there?