Unidentified Everingham's

Family Photos with uncertain identification. All of these photos
are from several generations of Everingham's from the New York area.
It should be noted that the Everingham's of New York had distinctive
large hands, and light, or red hair and sometimes deep, dark eyes.

These photos were found among photos of Albert Everingham (b.1840), Lyda Wight-Everingham (b.1893) Jeremiah Everingham Homestead 1873, Mrs Arthur Everingham (b.1875)
Those photos were known, but cousins, or older
generations below remain a mystery.

unknown New York Everingham veteran


  1. The Civil War photo shown here is thought to be Van Rensaeler Everingham, but this has not been verified. He has distinctive large hands, and his hair looks like it could be light, or red.

  2. Woman standing, man seated. notice the woman's distinctive long chin and flat nose. The man's hair appears light brown, possibly red. The man does look like some of the other New York Everinghams. Photo taken at S.B. Smith, Photographer, Marshall, Michigan

  3. Woman standing, man seated. non distinctive woman, man has a long beard and very long face & large ears. Back of Photo says: Goodmin Photographer, 60 W. Salina st. Syracuse, NY photo number 4.

  4. Portrait of a young Man. man looks related to the man in photo #2. Back of Photo says: Goodmin Photographer, 60 S. Salina st. Syracuse, NY

  5. Man seated, woman standing. couple looks like a young version of photo #3. Notice the woman's distinctive large hands, but small, round face. Back of Photo says: M.B. Isham Succissor to Blye Bro's. 3 Salina St. Syracuse, NY.

    The next 2 photos are from different States, but look VERY similar!
    Same eyes, nose, and same general look. These are brother's, father
    & son, or the same man a few years apart, possibly a trip or move?
    Both of these men look like the man in photo #3. (print & compare)
    photo number 6
  6. PA Portrait of a bearded man. deep eyes, wide nose, straight hair, and a very long, thick beard. Back of Photo says: Hutchings, Philadelphia Photo, Good Work & Low Prices.
  7. NY Portrait of a bearded man. deep eyes, wide nose, wavy hair, and a very long, thin beard but very thick mustache. This could be the man in photo 6 above a few years younger? Both men have the same hairline too. Back of Photo says: Goodmin Photographer 60 South Salina St. Syracuse, NY

  8. Tintype portrait of a man. has a nose similar to the man in photo #3, and he shares some resemblance to the man in photo #2. (notice his large hands) No markings on this photo at all.

  9. Portrait of a bearded man. A well kept man strangely bears NO resemblence to any other photos here! Back of Photo says: Goodwins, 68 South Salina Street, Syracuse, NY. photo 10

  10. Portrait of a man w/small beard & no mustache. Looks like some of the other photos here, very much like the 2 bearded men. He also has the chin & mouth of the woman in photo #2. Back of Photo says: Austin, 60 South Salina Street, Syracuse, NY.

  11. Portrait of a young bearded man/no mustache. This man has the darkest eyes of all, notice the mouth that is similar to other photos like #10 above. He has light or red hair. This man is said to look "a lot" like Robert A. Everingham (b.1893) Back of Photo says: Ranger & Austen Photographers, 58 & 60 South Salina Street, Syracuse, NY.

    female, photo 12

  12. Portrait of a woman. This photo looks very old. She has similar straight mouth line to photos above. (see photo 2, 10 & 11) Perhaps this is where THEY got that feature? or is she an Everingham born woman? Bottom of Photo says: Christie R. Gay, Malone, NY.

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