Business Directory
City of Los Angeles, California

directory reprint (Everingham Related Information only)

NameBusiness NameOccupationLocationYear
Sumner G. EveringhamLong & Everinghamproprietor Santa Fe Springs Hotel and Mineral Springsoffice 21 North Spring & Santa Fe Springs1888
Luther S. EveringhamLos Angeles Furniture Co.packer 1888
Henry HartLong & EveringhamclerkSanta Fe Springs1888
Charles H. LongLong & Everingham W s Rich bet Greenwell and West Pico1888
William S. LongLong & EveringhamclerkW s Rich bet Greenwell and West Pico1888
Charles H. Long; G. Sumner EveringhamPacific Coastagents Long & Everingham; Santa Fe Railroad lands; real estate21 North Spring1888
 Santa Fe Springs Mineral Water Co.; Long & Everinghamproprietorsoffice 21 North Spring1888
Carrie Everingham domestic1070 South Pearl1890

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