Mercer Cemetery
Trenton, New Jersey

info from Kevin Everingham 2004.
compiled from burial permits & cemetery paperwork.

Name on the Recorddate of death
William H. Everingham
NOTE: William S. on cemetery form
1 May 1885
Rachel Everingham5 December 1896
Annie Irvingham permit record
Annie Ervingham burial list record
11 June 1900
among others, the cemetery contains possible related names: Closson, Dill, Ivins, Ireland, Nutt, Phillips, Platt, Quick, Whitaker..
The names and dates in the list in this book have been copied from burial permits and cemetery forms recovered from the superintendentís building in Mercer Cemetery in 1974. There are a few other papers indicating burials, doctorís certificates, bills, notes, transfer permits, a telegram, etc. The damp papers were dried, removed, trimmed and arranged in date order from 1880 to 1920.
Research in the state library revealed that the permits started at 1880 because of a state law requiring the superintendent to keep them on permanent file. They ended in 1920 because the state law of April 6, 1920 * directed the superintendent to forward them to the local registrar.