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Donated by:  Richard L.R. Hirst, UE, St. Catharines, Ontario
" The Diaries of Melvin Byron Misener
The following information is quoted from diaries of Melvin Byron Misener of Crowland (May 18, 1847 - May 28, 1936), who was known by many  readers of the Welland Tribune as "the Crowland Poet". His personal writings span the period from 1869 to 1935. Among the daily accounts of social events, weather conditions and farm chores there are numerous obituaries for friends, family and others living in Welland County, particularly Crowland, Thorold and Port Robinson. I have extracted these references as part of the long process of indexing the diaries. Hopefully, someone will find them of use. They are organized chronologically as they appeared in the diaries but I have added notes where they were required.

January, 1869 to December 31, 1874

Haun, John - Saturday February 13, 1869
"Father and Mother went over to John Haun's funeral in the forenoon"

Clarke, Mrs. - Sunday February 14, 1869
"I went up to Oliver Clarkes to his mother's funeral. She was buried at Brown's"

McCarter, Mr. - Monday July 12, 1869
"Old Mr. McCarter was buried today"

Reavely, Mrs. - Thursday August 5, 1869
"Mrs. Reavely was buried today"

Clarke, Mrs. S. - Sunday September 12, 1869
"Mrs. S. Clarke died last night"

- Tuesday September 14, 1869
"Mrs. Clarke was buried today"

Hill, Mrs. - Saturday September 18, 1869
"Mrs. Hill died last night"

Sunday September 19, 1869
"Mrs. Hill was buried today over on Doan's Ridge"

Misener, Mrs. - Thursday February 24, 1870
"George Misener's wife was buried today"

Southworth, Margaret - Wednesday March 9, 1870
"I went to Margaret Southworth's funeral. She was buried up at Brown's"

Everingham, Maria - Wednesday April 13, 1870
"Maria Everingham was buried today"

Young, Mrs. - Tuesday August 9, 1870
"went to the funeral of Walter Young's wife" (nee Wills, died August 8, 1870, buried Port Robinson Anglican Church)

Saunders, Robert - Monday August 22, 1870
"Robert Saunders was drowned Saturday evening, was buried today"

Wilson, Catharine - Wednesday January 4, 1871
"Catharine Wilson died this morning"

Friday January 6, 1871
"I came home with our folks who were to Catharine Wilson's funeral"

Wilson, William - Tuesday January 10, 1871
"Wm. Wilson died Monday and was buried today"

Steinhoff, John - Thursday January 12, 1871
"Father and Mother went up to Uncle John Steinhoff's burial today"

Page, Levi - Friday September 1, 1871
"Levi Page was buried today"

Stewart, D. - Thursday October 19, 1871
"D. Stewart died this morning"

Silverthorn, Jacob - Tuesday November 21, 1871
"Father and Mother were up to Jacob Silverthorn's funeral"

Simpson, Mr. - Thursday December 14, 1871
"Old Simpson was buried today"

Young, Lydia - Friday December 15, 1871
"Uncle Dan's Lydia (Young) died this morning"

Sunday December 17, 1871
"We were to the burial of Uncle Dan's child"

Darby, James - Thursday January 25, 1872
"James Darby died this morning in the state of New York"

Friday January 26, 1872
"James Darby was brought home last night"

Sunday January 28, 1872
"We were at James Darby's burial today, a lot of people there, he was buried at Brown's"

Misener, James - Sunday January 28, 1872
"James Misener died this afternoon"

Wednesday January 31, 1872
"Father and Mother were to James Misener's Funeral today at Fonthill"

Doan, Ann Everingham - Wednesday June 12, 1872
"Mrs. Ann Everingham Doan was buried today"

Carl, Robert - Friday June 21, 1872
"I was out to Robert Carl's funeral today in the forenoon"

Biggars, Hester - Tuesday July 9, 1872
"Hester Biggars was drowned last night"

Wednesday July 10, 1872
"Whitson, Rachel and I were down to Hester's funeral"

Street, T. C. - Tuesday September 10, 1872
"T.C. Street was buried today at Drummond Hill"
(Thomas Clark Street died on 6 September 1872)

Ramsden, Mrs. John - Wednesday November 6, 1872
"Mrs. John Ramsden was buried today"
(nee Mary Matilda Smith)

Heaslip, Mrs. Joe - Tuesday December 24, 1872
"John Watson was here to tell of Mrs. Joe Heaslip's funeral here yesterday"

McCullough, - Thursday March 20, 1873
"Father was to Pat McCullough's child's funeral"

Fortner, B. - Sunday April 27, 1873
"B. Fortner died today"

Wednesday April 30, 1873
"Father and Mother were at B. Fortner's funeral"

Cronmiller, Bertha - Monday August 25, 1873
"Bertha Cronmiller died today"

Wednesday August 27, 1873
"Father and Mother were at Bertha Cronmillers funeral today at Fonthill"

Garner, George - Sunday September 28, 1873
"George Garner died today"

Killen, D. - Thursday December 18. 1873
"Father was to D. Killen's funeral, he died on Tuesday"

Durham, Mrs. - Monday April 13, 1874
"Mrs. Durham died last night"

Misener, William D. - Monday April 27, 1874
"Wm. D. Misener died today"

Shafer, Martha - Tuesday April 28, 1874
"Martha Shafer died this afternoon of inflammation
of the lungs"

Thursday April 30, 1874
"Whitson and I were down to Martha Shafer's
(funeral) buried at eleven o'clock"

Steinhoff, Rheuamah (nee Misener) - Friday May 1, 1874
"Aunt Amy died this afternoon"

Monday May 4, 1874
"Father and I were up to Aunt Amy's funeral. It was a sad sight"

Thomas, Mrs. Wm. - Wednesday May 13, 1874
"Wm. Thomas' wife was buried today"

Young, Margaret (nee Misener) - Sunday May 17, 1874
"I was down to Aunt Peggy Young's funeral in the afternoon"
(wife of Adam Young, died 15 May 1874)

Elliot, Mrs. James - Sunday May 17, 1874
"Mrs. James Elliot died today"

Wednesday May 20, 1874
"We were at the funeral of James Elliot's wife"

Richmond, Mrs. - Monday May 18, 1874
"Father and Mother were over to Mrs. Richmond's

Misener, Elisha - Thursday May 28, 1874
"Elisha Misener died today"

Sunday May 31, 1874
"We were to Elisha's funeral"

Fortner, Jonah - Thursday July 9, 1874
"Father and Mother were to Jonah Fortner's funeral
today, he died yesterday morning"

Elliot, Robert - Monday July 27, 1874
"Robert Elliot was buried today, he died Friday morning"

Nevil, Mrs. - Sunday October 25, 1874
"Mrs. Nevil's funeral sermon was preached at Port tonight"

Abbey, Mrs. R. M. - Tuesday December 1, 1874
"Father took the pall bearer for Mrs. R. M. Abbey's funeral"

Hixon, Jane - Sunday December 13, 1874
"Jane Hixon died last night"

Tuesday December 15, 1874
"Father and Mother were to Jane Hixon's funeral in (the) afternoon"

January, 1875 to December 1880

Misener, - Wednesday, February 3, 1875
"Father and Whitson were up to Welland to Symon
Misener's Child's funeral"

Page, Catharine (nee Young) - Wednesday March 3, 1875
"Aunt Catharine died last night about 8 o'clock"

Saturday March 6, 1875
"Father, Mother, Whitson and I were to Aunt Catharine's burial today"

Stuart, Eliza Elliot - Friday April 23, 1875
"Father and Mother were to Eliza Elliot Stuart's burial in the forenoon"

Evans, George - Sunday April 25, 1875
"Geo. Evans died on Friday"

McClive, Mary - Monday April 26, 1875
"Father and Mother were to Mary McClive's funeral"

Dell, Mr. - Sunday May 9, 1875
"Father and C. Clark were down to J.O. Dell's father's funeral"

Miller, Mrs. - Saturday August 7, 1875
"Mrs. Miller was buried today, I drove the hearse at the funeral"

Marr, Joseph - Saturday September 11, 1875
"Joseph Marr died Friday morn"

- Sunday September 12, 1875
"Father, Mother and I were up to Joe Marr's funeral, it was a large one"

Hoshal, George - Saturday October 16, 1875
"Geo. Hoshal died today"

Reid, Wm. - Wednesday March 8, 1876
"Wm. Reid died last night"

- Friday March 10, 1876
"Father, Mother and Tina were over to Wm. Reid's funeral in the afternoon"

Benedict, Geo. - Saturday August 12, 1876
"Geo. Benedict was buried today, Father was at the funeral"

Henderson, John - Monday August 21, 1876
"Father and Mother went to John Henderson's funeral in the afternoon"

Young, - Wednesday August 30, 1876
"Jane Robertson, Father, Aunt Margaret and Tina were to Walter Young's child's funeral"

Goodwillie, Joseph - Thursday October 12, 1876
"Joseph Goodwillie died this morning at R. Stark's"

Fortner, Sylvester - Sunday October 15, 1876
"Sylvester Fortner died today in John Bennet's tavern at Port Robinson"

- Tuesday October 17, 1876
"Father was to Sylvester's funeral in the afternoon"

Heaslip, Joe - Monday December 4, 1876
"Father and Mother were up to Joe Heaslip's funeral"

Mathews, L.M. - Sunday December 17, 1876
"L.M. Mathews died today about 3 o'clock"

Wednesday December 20, 1876
"I was at Mr. Mathew's funeral, it was a curious one"

Misener, Mary - Tuesday December 19, 1876
"Father and Mother were to Mary Misener's funeral"

Everingham, Mrs. James -Sunday, December 31 1876
"Mrs. James Everingham died last night"

Misener, Phoebe (nee Warner) - Sun, March 25, 1877
"Father, Mother, Janet and I were up to Aunt Phoebe's funeral"

Dell, Bidwell - Friday April 27, 1877
"Bidwell Dell died today at one o'clock by vegetable poison, said to have eaten wild carrot"

Sunday April 29,1877
"I was down to Bidwell Dell's funeral today with Jenet"

Young, Mrs. W. - Friday May 18, 1877
"Father, Mother and Miles were down to W. Young's
wife's funeral"

Watson, John - Saturday June 23, 1877
"Old John Watson died today at 1/4 to 4"

Monday June 25, 1877
"Whitson, Miles, Tina, Jenet and I were to Watson's funeral in afternoon"

Lundy, Charlotte - Saturday August 26, 1877
"Mother and Frank were to C. Lundy's funeral today in afternoon"

Sunday August 27, 1877
"Father and Mother were to hear Charlotte Lundy's funeral sermon"

Reid, Mrs. - Monday November 5, 1877
"Father was to Mrs. Reid's funeral in afternoon"

Steinhoff, Mary - Tuesday November 13, 1877
"Father, Mother and Tina were down to old Mary
Steinhoff's funeral"

Abbey, J.P. - Thursday December 13, 1877
"J.P. Abbey buried today"

Shafer, John - Wednesday December 26, 1877
"John Shafer died today"

- Friday December 28, 1877
"was down to John Shafer's funeral in the afternoon"

Stewart, Robert - Sunday February 17, 1878
"Father had my team to go to Robert Stewart's funeral, he died on thursday night, Charley and Rachel went to the funeral"

Niger, Mrs. - Tuesday June 4, 1878
"Mrs. Niger was buried today she died yesterday morning at 6 o'clock"

Wells, John Sr. - Tuesday July 9, 1878
"John Wells Sen. died today"

Young, David - Sunday July 21, 1878
"Uncle Dan's son David was drowned last night"

Monday July 22, 1878
"Father, Mother and Tina were at the funeral with my team"

Garner, Jacob - Thursday August 29, 1878
"Jacob Garner was buried today"

Haney, Doctor - Monday November 18, 1878
"Dr, Haney to be buried tomorrow"

Ross, Hugh - Tuesday November 19, 1878
"Hugh Ross died today"

Thursday November 21, 1878
"Hugh Ross was buried today"

Cole, Mrs. - Sunday December 22, 1878
"Mrs. Cole died today"

Tuesday December 24, 1878
"I was down home and took father down to Coles ..
.. Mrs. Cole was buried today"

Elliott, Andrew Sr. - Monday December 30, 1878
"Andrew Elliott Senr. died this morning, was found dead in bed"

Thursday January 2, 1879
"Andrew Elliott of Port Robinson was buried today.
Jenet and I were at the funeral, Father and Tina went with us"

Elliott, James - Monday March 24, 1879
"I was at James Elliott's funeral today at the Presbyterian Church"

Misener, Jacob - Sunday April 27, 1879
"Uncle Jacob died today or this morning early"

Tuesday April 29, 1879
"Father, Rachel, Jenet and I were up to Uncle Jake's funeral"

Smoke, Andrew - Friday May 23, 1879
"Andrew Smoke died today, heart disease"

Sunday May 25, 1879
"Andrew Smoke was buried today according to the
Orange ceremonies"

Jenkinson, Mr. - Monday July 14, 1879
"old Mr. Jenkinson was buried today"

Ware, Mrs. Wm. - Thursday December 11, 1879
"Mrs. Wm. Ware died last night"

Saturday December 13, 1879
"Father and Mother were down to Mrs. Ware's
funeral at Allanburg"

Henry, George - Thursday December 11, 1879
"Geo. Henry died last night"

Stuart, Louisa - Saturday January 10, 1880
"Louisa Stuart died Friday morn about 1 o'clock"

Sunday January 11, 1880
"I went with Will to Louisa Stuart's funeral at ten o'clock"

Elliott, Mrs. Andrew - Tuesday March 9, 1880
"Andrew Elliott's wife died last night about six o'clock"

Thursday March 11, 1880
"Jenet and I were out to Andrew Elliott's wife's funeral"

Page, Emma - Thursday March 18, 1880
"we were at the funeral of Emma Page today at Fonthill"

Matthews, Leonard's child - Monday March 29, 1880
"Leon. Matthews child buried today"

Robertson, Mr. - Sunday April 25, 1880
"Jenet's Father died this morning 1/2 past 9"

Tuesday April 27, 1880
  "Jenet's Father's funeral today, he was buried at
Doan's Ridge"

Everingham, Clark - Monday May 10, 1880
"Clark Everingham died last night"

Carl, William - Tuesday June 8, 1880
"Father and I were up to Welland in afternoon to William Carl's funeral, he died on Sunday"

Misener, Elizabeth - Sunday June 13, 1880
"The saddest day of my life Lizzie died last night about 1/2 past 2"

Monday June 14, 1880
"Another very sad day for Jenet and I, Lizzie's funeral was today at 1 o'clock"

(L ?) Ernest - Friday July 9, 1880
"Ernest (L ?) got killed today, hung in school house window"

Sunday July 11, 1880
"We were to Ernest's funeral"

Darby, Barnet - Wednesday July 28, 1880
"Barnet Darby died last night"

Thursday July 29, 1880
"Jenet was to Darby's funeral in the forenoon"

Coleman, Fred - Thursday October 21, 1880
"Fred Coleman buried today"

Reaveley, Mrs. Wm. - Monday November 15, 1880
"Wm. Reaveley's wife buried today"

Matthews, Amelia - Saturday November 27, 1880
"Amelia Matthews died this morning"

Monday November 29, 1880
"We were out to the Funeral of Matthias Matthews