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Donated by:  Richard L.R. Hirst, UE, St. Catharines, Ontario
" The Diaries of Melvin Byron Misener
The following information is quoted from diaries of Melvin Byron Misener of Crowland (May 18, 1847 - May 28, 1936), who was known by many  readers of the Welland Tribune as "the Crowland Poet". His personal writings span the period from 1869 to 1935. Among the daily accounts of social events, weather conditions and farm chores there are numerous obituaries for friends, family and others living in Welland County, particularly Crowland, Thorold and Port Robinson. I have extracted these references as part of the long process of indexing the diaries. Hopefully, someone will find them of use. They are organized chronologically as they appeared in the diaries but I have added notes where they were required.

January, 1881 to December 31, 1890

Kemp, Mrs. R. - Saturday February 19, 1881
"Mrs R. Kemp buried today"

Carl, Thomas - September 25, 1881
"Robert Carl's son Thomas died this evening"

Quinlin, Martin - November 24, 1881
"Martin Quinlin was buried today at the Catholic Church"

Young, - Saturday January 14, 1882
"was then to the Lodge Room to hear the sermon at
Amasa's child's funeral"

Cruikshank, - Tuesday March 21, 1882
"went over to Port to hear Cruikshanks Funeral Sermon"

Gemmil, John - Wednesday March 29, 1882
"Uncle John Gemmil died this morning"

Wednesday April 5, 1882
"Andrew was here as he come from his Uncle John's

Robertson, Mrs. E. H. - Saturday April 29, 1882
"Mrs. E. H. Robertson died last night in child birth"

Monday May 1, 1882
"Mrs. E. H. Robertson's funeral today"

Hixon, Mrs. - Tuesday May 16, 1882
"Mr. T. J. Hixon's wife died yesterday morning"

Hershey, E. - Saturday September 30, 1882
"E. Hershey (was) killed last night"

Elliot, Walter Stewart - Saturday December 2, 1882
"Walter Stewart Elliot's burial was today"

McCracken, Maggie - Thursday January 11, 1883
"was at the funeral of Maggie McCracken today"

Sharp, James - Monday January 15, 1883
"James Sharp's funeral was today"

Everingham, Abner - Sunday April 8, 1883
"Abner Everingham's wife died last night

Tuesday April 10, 1883
"Andrew and I were down to Abner Everingham's
wife's funeral in the forenoon"

Robertson, E. H. - Thursday May 10, 1883
"E. H. Robertson died Tues. night"

Misener?, Sam - Thursday August 9, 1883
"Andrew's Sam died today"

Ware, Mr. John - Saturday January 19, 1884
"Mr. John Ware was buried today at Fonthill"

Clark, - Friday January 25, 1884
"A child of R. Clarks smothered last night"

Rhor, - Saturday January 26, 1884
"One of Rhor's boys died today"

McFarland, Dr. - Tuesday April 8, 1884
"Dr. McFarland died Sunday night"

Cole, Mrs. Henry - Thursday May 29, 1884
"Mrs. Henry Cole buried today"

McCracken, Alexander Simpson - Friday June 27, 1884
"was at McCrackens from 9 till 12 Uncle Alex
hung himself this morning shortly after 7 o'clock"

Sunday June 29, 1884
"We were away at Uncle Alex McCracken's funeral,
he was buried at Fonthill"

Young, Philip - Monday August 4, 1884
"Philip Young died this morning at 5 o'clock"

Tuesday August 5, 1884
"We were at Philip Young's funeral in afternoon"

Hixon, T.J. - Saturday November 29, 1884
"We were down at T.J. Hixon's funeral today"

Doxtater, Sam - Wednesday December 31, 1884
"Uncle Sam Doxtater was buried today, he died on Sunday"

Secord, Fred - Monday February 2, 1885
"Fred Secord died today"

Reavely, Wm. - Wednesday February 11, 1885
"Wm. Reavely's funeral was today he died on Saturday"

Springer, Wm. - Thursday April 2, 1885
"I was over at Wm. Springer's Funeral at 11
o'clock" "Springer was 79 years old"

McCoombs, H. - Saturday May 30, 1885
"H. McCoombs committed suicide at the falls yesterday"

Darby, - Wednesday July 22, 1885
"Barney Darby's boy was drowned today in a pond
at Vanalstines"

Young, John - Friday July 31, 1885
"We were up to Uncle John Young's funeral, he
died on Wednesday morning about 4 o'clock"

King, Dr. - Friday August 7, 1885
"Dr. King died last night"

Misener, Margaret - Monday October 26, 1885
"We were up to Wellandport today to Margaret
Misener's Funeral"

Elliot, Jane Ann - Wednesday November 11, 1885
"was over to the church to Jane Ann Elliot's

Young, Jacob - Tuesday February 16, 1886
"Jacob Young's funeral was today, he died on Sunday"

Everingham, James - Thursday April 15, 1886
"We were at James Everingham's Funeral in forenoon"

Offspring, Mrs. - Thursday July 8, 1886
"John Offspring's wife died last night"

Sunday July 11, 1886
"We were over to Port in the afternoon at Mrs.
John Offspring's funeral"

Gilmore, William - Saturday August 7, 1886
"Father had my team to go to Chippewa to Wm.
Gilmore's funeral"

Holditch, Mrs. Henry - Monday October 4, 1886
"Mrs. Henry Holditch died today about 4 o'clock
Mrs. Holditch Sen."

Thursday October 7, 1886
"Whitson and I were at Mrs. Holditches funeral
today at 11 o'clock"

Reaveley, Cameron - Tuesday November 2, 1886
"Cameron Reaveley got buried today, he was kicked by a horse"

Johnson, Bart - Tuesday November 9, 1886
"Bart Johnson drowned last night in the canal"

Page, Mary - Sunday November 28, 1886
"Geo. Page's wife died today she was sick about 2 months"

Wednesday December 1, 1886
"We were up to Mary Page's funeral in the forenoon"

Thomas, Mrs. - Sunday April 24, 1887
"We were over to church in the afternoon. Old Mrs.
Thomas was buried there today. She was past 90
years of age when she died"

Misener, Louisa Matilda - Thursday July 28, 1887
"Mother died suddenly today between 10 and 11 o'clock"

Saturday July 30, 1887
"down to father's at mother's funeral"
"buried at Fonthill"

Hixson, Jacob - Sunday July 31, 1887
"Jacob Hixson was buried today at Drummondville"

Matthews, Abner - Friday November 2, 1887
"We were at the funeral of Abner Matthews today"

Hixon, Miss - Monday May 7, 1888
"T.J. Hixon's daughter was buried today"

McFarland, Mrs. - Saturday June 9, 1888
"Dr. McFarland's widow was brot from Michigan
dead today and buried at Pres. church yard"

Kottmeir, Willie - Tuesday July 24, 1888
"Willie Kottmeirs funeral was today he died on
Sunday, got hurt by a horse last Wednesday"

Cruikshank, Mrs. - Sunday February 24, 1889
"Mrs. Cruikshank was buried yesterday at the
Presbyterian church yard"

Walker, Mrs. - Sunday March 17, 1889
"I was over to Mrs. Walker's Funeral today in
the afternoon"

Elliot, Mrs. Andrew - Friday June 21, 1889
"was over to Mrs. Andrew Elliot's funeral in
the afternoon"

Camp, Charlotte - Friday August 2, 1889
"Charlotte Camp died this morning"

Sunday August 4, 1889
"we were at Charlotte Camp's funeral at one
o'clock buried at Fonthill"

Matthews, Elizabeth - Sunday September 15, 1889
"we were at Elizabeth Matthew's Funeral in the

Doyle, Mrs. - Tuesday January 28, 1890
"Mrs. Doyle was buried at Port today"

Mowat, ______ - Sunday March 9, 1890
"Mr. Mowat's little boy died today"

Everingham, John - Wednesday April 2, 1890
"John Everingham died today"

Friday April 4, 1890
"we were over at John Everingham's funeral"

Page, Alexander - Friday April 4, 1890
"Uncle Alex Page died last night"

Sunday April 6, 1890
"we were up at Uncle Alex Page's funeral today"

Thomas, Mary - Monday November 10, 1890
"we were over to Mary Thomas's funeral in
the afternoon at the church"

McDermott, Thomas - Sunday December 21, 1890
"came back to Catholic Church to Thos.
McDermott's funeral

January, 1891 to December 1900

Thomas, Jesse - Saturday May 16, 1891
"Jessie Thomas buried today"

Camp, Mrs. - Monday October 12, 1891
"Mrs. Camp died today"

Wednesday October 14, 1891
"was at Mrs. Camp's funeral in the afternoon"

Clarkson, Eliza - Saturday October 17, 1891
"Eliza Clarkson died today"

Tuesday October 20, 1891
"we were at Eliza Clarkson's funeral at the church
in Port"

Noxel, Mrs. L. - Friday November 6, 1891
"were out to Mrs. L. Noxel's funeral after 10 o'clock"

Darby, George A. - Tuesday January 19, 1892
"I was out to Geo. A. Darby's funeral in forenoon"

Jamieson, George - Thursday March 17, 1892
"Geo. Jamieson killed today accidentally"

Sunday March 20, 1892
"I was down to Geo. Jamieson's funeral"

Coulter, Andrew - Tuesday April 12, 1892
"Andrew Coulter was buried today at Port"

Elliot, Mrs. - Monday May 16, 1892
"We were at old Mrs. Elliot's funeral in

Page, Edith - Monday October 3, 1892
"we were up to Aunt Edith's funeral in the afternoon"

Young, Peter - Wednesday October 5, 1892
"was at Peter Young's funeral in the afternoon"

Grisdale, G. - Thursday October 13, 1892
"was at G. Grisdale's funeral in the afternoon"

McDermott, Mrs. - Monday November 28, 1892
"was at old Mrs. McDermott's funeral"

Willson, Mahlon - Wednesday February 1, 1893
"Uncle Mahlon Wilson died today at Uncle Dan's"

Saturday February 12 1893
"we were up at Uncle Mahlon's funeral"

Towlson, Calista Amelia - Thursday February 2, 1893
"I was up at Uncle Dan's in the afternoon,
Calista died yesterday"

Friday February 3, 1893
"Calista was buried today at or near Ridgeway"

Sunday February 12, 1893
"we were up to Welland to hear Mrs. Towlson's
funeral sermon"

Robertson, Olive - Wednesday March 29, 1893
"Olive Robertson died today at 9"

Thursday March 30, 1893
"Whitson and I were to Fonthill Cemetery to bury
J.P. Robertson's little girl"

Gemmel, Alex - Friday April 7, 1893
"got word that Alex Gemmel was killed yesterday"

Booth, Mr. - Sunday July 16, 1893
"Mr. Booth died yesterday"

Cronmiller, Lizzie - Wednesday September 27, 1893
"I was at Lizzie Cronmiller's funeral in forenoon"

Robertson, J.P. - Sunday January 7, 1894
"went to J.P. Robertson's funeral, the roads very
rough to Fonthill"

Dell, Webster - Wednesday March 7, 1894
"Webster Dell killed last night"

McIntosh, - Monday March 12, 1894
"was over to Port in afternoon, McIntosh's funeral"

Stevenson, Hugh - Saturday March 17, 1894
"Miles found Hugh Stevenson's body today"

Sunday March 18, 1894
"Freddie and I were at Hugh Stevenson's funeral"

Saunders, Mrs. John - Saturday September 1, 1894
"Mrs. John Saunders died today at 2 o'clock"

Tuesday September 4, 1894
"Mrs. Saunders was buried today"

Carl, Mrs. Robert - Friday September 28, 1894
"Mrs. Robert Carl died today"

Sunday September 30, 1894
"we were at Mrs. Carl's funeral and over to
the cemetery"

Stark, Mrs. J.M. - Monday January 30, 1895
"Mrs. J.M. Stark died this forenoon"

Wednesday January 30, 1895
"Jenet and Freddie were over to Mrs. J.M. Stark's
funeral in the afternoon"

Holditch, Mr. - Thursday February 28, 1895
"Mr. Holditch died tonight"

Sunday March 3, 1895
"I was at Mr. Holditch's funeral in the forenoon"

McCoppen, James - Sunday March 10, 1895
"James McCoppen, Postmaster in Port Robinson died
today, 74 years old"

Thomas, George Albert - Sunday April 28, 1895
"Geo Albert Thomas died today"

Shafer, James - Friday May 3, 1895
"James Shafer was buried this week"

Hill, Polly - Friday June 7, 1895
"Old Polly Hill died last evening 78 years old"

Sunday June 9, 1895
"we were at old Polly Hill's funeral"

Stewart, Wilson - Friday July 19, 1895
"Wilson Stewart died last night"

Sunday July 21, 1895
"we were at Wilson Stewart's funeral"

Drysdale, Mrs. - Wednesday October 2, 1895
"we got word that Mrs. Drysdale, Jenet's sister,
died at one o'clock today"

Young, George - Friday October 4, 1895
"George Young died last night"

Sunday October 6, 1895
"I was a pall bearer at Geo. Young's funeral,
he was buried at Fonthill"

Cook, James - Sunday October 6, 1895
"old James Cook died today"

Tuesday October 8, 1895
"James Cook was buried today

Saunders, John - Saturday January 18, 1896
"was at John Saunders' funeral in afternoon.
He was killed by the cars in Buffalo"

Misener, Joel - Thursday January 30, 1896
"Whitson, Miles and I were at Wellandport
at Joel Misener's Funeral"

Misener, William - Sunday February 16, 1896
"old Wm. Misener was buried today"

Coleman, George
Caniff, Julia - Sunday March 8, 1896
"Freddie and I were over to Port to the
double funeral of Geo. Coleman and Julia
Caniff in the afternoon"

Baker, Mrs. Benjamin - Sunday March 8, 1896
"Mrs. Benjamin Baker died last night about 6"

Holditch, Bertha - Wednesday April 1, 1896
"Bertha Holditch died last night of Typhoid fever"

Friday April 3, 1896
"Fred and I were at Bertha Holditch's funeral"

Lynch, Tom - Friday July 31, 1896
"Tom Lynch died Thursday morning"

Henderson, Mrs. James - Tuesday August 11, 1896
"Mrs. James Henderson's funeral yesterday"

McKelvey, James - Saturday December 26, 1896
"James McKelvey was buried today"

Matthews, Matthias - Wednesday January 26, 1896
"at funeral of Matthias Matthews"

Note: The diary for 1897 is missing from the set. It was
kept separate by Hazel Misener, Melvin's daughter-in-law, and the last owner of the diaries. I presume that it was auctioned separately the same day that I bought the others to an unknown person. If anyone knows of its' whereabouts please contact me, Richard Hirst, through the genealogicalsociety. Thank you.

McCracken, Deborah Ann (nee Young) - Friday February 11, 1898
"Aunt Ann died this afternoon at 1/2 past 3"

Sunday February 13, 1898
"We were all at Aunt Ann's funeral in afternoon"

Vanalstine, Harvey - Wednesday June 29, 1898
"We were at Harvey Vanalstine's funeral in the afternoon. He was buried at Fonthill"

Yokom, J.D. - Sunday September 11, 1898
"We were over to J D Yokom's funeral"

Saunders, Robert - Saturday October 15, 1898
"Fred and I were over to Rob Saunder's funeral in
the afternoon"

Everingham, - Wednesday December 21, 1898
"Janet and I were over to port to funeral of James Everingham's child"

Vanalstine, Mrs. - Monday December 26, 1898
"we were at Mrs Vanalstines funeral in the forenoon"
Biggar, Mr. - Saturday January 28, 1899
"Old Mr. Biggar died this morning aged 83 years"

Horton, Harvey - Saturday February 11, 1899
"Harvey Horton died last night about 6 o'clock"

Monday February 13, 1899
"We were at Harvey Horton's funeral in the afternoon"

Bell, Mrs. W. H. - Saturday August 5, 1899
"Mrs W. H. Bell died today at noon"

Tuesday August 8, 1899
"We were at Mrs Bell's funeral in the afternoon"

Collis, Mr. - Friday October 13, 1899
"I was at Mr. Collis' funeral in forenoon"

Page, Jonathan - Saturday November 18, 1899
"We were at Jonathan Page's funeral in the afternoon. He died Wednesday night of a complication of diseases at the age of 56."

Sowersby, James - Tuesday January 9, 1900
"I was at Jas. Sowersby's funeral in afternoon"

Clarkson, Mrs. - Tuesday January 16, 1900
"Jenet and I were at Mrs. Clarkson's funeral at 11 o'clock"

Stewart, John - Wednesday June 13, 1900
"I and Whitson were at John Stewart's funeral in afternoon."

Misener, Ephraim - Friday June 15, 1900
"Ephraim Misener buried today"

Croft, Mrs. - Wednesday June 20, 1900
"Mrs Croft died this morning"

Misener, Ethel - Friday September 21, 1900
"Ethel (Misener) died today"

Smith, William - Saturday October 13, 1900
"Wm. Smith, Port Robinson, brot home drowned tonight from

Reid, - Saturday December 15, 1900
"Mr. Reid's little girl died this morning