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Donated by:  Richard L.R. Hirst, UE, St. Catharines, Ontario
" The Diaries of Melvin Byron Misener
The following information is quoted from diaries of Melvin Byron Misener of Crowland (May 18, 1847 - May 28, 1936), who was known by many  readers of the Welland Tribune as "the Crowland Poet". His personal writings span the period from 1869 to 1935. Among the daily accounts of social events, weather conditions and farm chores there are numerous obituaries for friends, family and others living in Welland County, particularly Crowland, Thorold and Port Robinson. I have extracted these references as part of the long process of indexing the diaries. Hopefully, someone will find them of use. They are organized chronologically as they appeared in the diaries but I have added notes where they were required.

January, 1901 to December 31, 1910

Herdman, Mr. - Tuesday July 16, 1901
"lightening killed Mr. Herdman"

Thursday July 18, 1901
"Jenet and I were at Mr. Herdman's funeral in afternoon"

Thomas, Lottie - Friday September 20, 1901
"Jenet and I were at Lottie Thomas' funeral in afternoon"

Matthews, Mrs. - Tuesday September 24, 1901
"Mrs. Matthews died this morning"

Thursday September 26, 1901
"We were all at Mrs Matthews funeral in the afternoon"

Thomas, Mrs. G.A. - Friday October 4, 1901
"was at Mrs. G. A. Thomas' funeral in afternoon"

Carl, Courtland - Saturday October 26, 1901
"Courtland Carl died today"

Tuesday October 29, 1901
"We were all at Courtland Carl's funeral in the afternoon"

Grisdale, Mrs. - Saturday November 9, 1901
"Mrs. Grisdale died yesterday"

Monday November 11, 1901
"we were at Mrs. Grisdale's funeral this afternoon at Port"

Stevenson, Robert - Monday December 30, 1901
"Robt. Stevenson died last night"

Wednesday January 1, 1902
"We were at Stevenson's funeral in the afternoon"

Collard, John - Tuesday May 6, 1902
"was at John Collard's funeral in afternoon"

Hill, Samuel Jr. - Sunday June 22, 1902
"we were all at Samuel Hill Jun. funeral in the afternoon"

Darby, Mrs. Charlotte (nee Everingham) - Saturday June 28, 1902
"Mrs. Charlotte Darby was buried on Wednesday. She died at George Hilsile's."

Carl, Mrs. Oscar - Friday September 5, 1902
"Oscar Carl's wife died today"

Sunday September 7, 1902
"We were at Mrs. Oscar Carl's funeral today"

Misener, - Sunday September 21, 1902
"Adam Misener's boy was buried today in the afternoon"

Dixon, George - Thursday September 25, 1902
"Geo. Dixon drowned last night in the lock"

Saturday September 27, 1902
"was pall bearer at Geo. Dixon's funeral in the afternoon...was buried at Drummondville"

Pew, John - Monday November 3, 1902
"was at John Pew's funeral in afternoon"

Stark, Mrs. Jos. - Wednesday December 10, 1902
"Mrs. Jos. Stark buried today"

Pew, Isaac - Thursday February 5, 1903
"Isaac Pew of Port Robinson was buried at Drummondville today"

Shuman, Charles - Tuesday February 10, 1903
"Chas. Shuman buried today"

Dixon, Ruth - Saturday February 28, 1903
"Henry Dixon's daughter, Ruth, died last night aged 18 months"

- Sunday March 1, 1903
"we were at the funeral of Henry Dixon's child"

Elliot, David - Monday March 23, 1903
"got word of David Elliot's death, it occured at 12 O'clock today"

Fuller, Mr. E. - Sunday July 12, 1903
"We were at Mr. E. Fuller's funeral"

Dixon, Mrs. Henry - Thurday December 31, 1903
"We went over to the funeral of Mrs. Henry Dixon"

Hill, John Sr. - Saturday January 16, 1904
"John Hill Sen. died today"

Pew, Mrs. - Thursday January 28, 1904
"was at Mrs. Pew's funeral in the afternoon"

Young, Mrs. Mary - Wednesday March 16, 1904
"I was up to Fonthill to aunt Mary's funeral, she died on Sunday"

Rodges, Will - Wednesday April 20, 1904
"Will Rodges buried today, killed by the cars at Montrose"

Hunt, Edith Robertson - Monday May 16, 1904
"got word that Edith Robertson Hunt is dead"

Hill, John - Tuesday 21 June, 1904
"John Hill of Crowland died today"

Thursday June 23, 1904
"we were at John Hill's funeral in afternoon at Fonthill"

Clarkson, John - Tuesday July 19, 1904
"John Clarkson died today"

Thursday July 21, 1904
"we were at Mr. Clarkson's funeral in the forenoon"

Misener, Robert - Saturday August 13, 1904
"Robert Misener of Beechwoods killed by cars today... was run down by engine and caboose"

Coulter, Mrs. Robert - Wednesday October 19, 1904
"Mrs. Robt Coulter died last night"

Friday October 21, 1904
"was at Mrs. Coulter's funeral in afternoon"

McIntyre, Margaret - Saturday January 21, 1905
"we got word that Maggie McIntyre is dead"

Monday January 23, 1905
"was at Miss McIntyre's funeral in afternoon"

Everingham, Mrs. Abner (nee Eliza Ann Wills) - Friday February 3, 1905
"Abner Everingham's wife died this morning"

Hagar, N. B. - Wednesday February 15, 1905
"we were at N.B. Hagar's funeral in the afternoon"

Clark, Thomas - Sunday March 26, 1905
"Thomas Clark, clerk of the township of Thorold buried today"

Barnhart, M. - Thursday April 20, 1905
"M. Barnhart died last night on the R. Stark farm"

Sugget, - Wednesday May 3, 1905
"we were at Suggets child's funeral in afternoon"

Baker, Mrs. Benjamin - Sunday June 4, 1905
"Mrs. Benjamin Baker in Port Robinson died early this morning about 2 o'clock"

-Tuesday June 6, 1905
"was at Mrs. Baker's funeral in afternoon, father came out with us"

Bell, W. H. - Wednesday July 5, 1905
"W.H. Bell buried today at port"

Bennett, Mr. - Thursday August 17, 1905
"was at Mr. Bennett's funeral in the afternoon"

Young, Rachel Ann (nee Misener) - Sunday October 1, 1905
"we were at aunt Rachel's funeral ... aunt Rachel was buried at Fonthill, she was 63 years old"

Misener, Mrs. Walter - Thursday December 7, 1905
"got word that Walter Misener's wife is dead"

Hodgkins, Freman - Saturday February 3, 1906
"Freman Hodgkins died yesterday, age 68 years"

Carl, Mrs. Anson - Saturday March 3, 1906
"Anson Carl's wife died this morning about 1 o'clock"

Abbey, W. J. - Friday March 16, 1906
"W. J. Abbey buried today"

Young, Mrs. Hiram (nee Lulu M. Misener) - Thursday March 22, 1906
"Hiram Young's wife died on Tuesday"

McCoppen, W. J. - Sunday April 1, 1906
"W. J. McCoppen killed at Welland this afternoon, 5 o'clock"

Dell, Jesse O. - Tuesday April 24, 1906
"Jesse O. Dell at Montrose died last night, 71 years old"

Johnson, Aaron - Thursday May 10, 1906
"Aaron Johnson buried at port today"

Biggar, Elizabeth - Saturday June 9, 1906
"Miss Elizabeth Biggar killed by lightening last night in her house."

Monday June 11, 1906
"was at Lib Biggar's funeral in afternoon she was buried at Drummondville"

Dell, Eliza - Saturday June 16, 1906
"Jenet and I were down at Eliza Dell's funeral in forenoon"

Upper, Jim - Saturday August 11, 1906
"Jim Upper was buried yesterday at Allanburg"

Ellis, Mrs George (nee Eliza Holditch) - Wednesday September 5, 1906
"Mrs. Geo Ellis nee Eliza Holditch drowned herself at Port this morning"

Friday September 7, 1906
"we were at Mrs. Ellis' funeral in afternoon"

Watson, John Henry - Friday September 7, 1906
"John Henry Watson died this morning about 3"

Sunday September 9, 1906
"we were at J.H. Watson's funeral in afternoon at 3 o'clock"

Cronmiller, Laura - Wednesday January 9, 1907
"I was at Laura Cronmiller's funeral in the forenoon"

Book, Mrs. - Saturday January 19, 1907
"got word that Mrs. Book is dead"

Wilson, Charles - Wednesday January 23, 1907
"Charles Wilson of Port Robinson killed on the railroad"

aturday January 26, 1907
"was at Charley Wilson's funeral in the afternoon"

Hern, William - Saturday February 2, 1907
"we were at Mr. Wm. Hern's funeral in the forenoon"

Young, Oliver - Thursday March 7, 1907
"Oliver Young died at Welland last night"

Saturday March 9, 1907
"was at Oliver Young's funeral in afternoon"

Sowersby, Thomas - Sunday March 17, 1907
"Thomas Sowersby died this afternoon"

Wednesday March 20, 1907
"was at Sowersby's funeral in the afternoon"

Stark, Robert Sr. - Wednesday March 20, 1907
"Robert Stark Sen. died yesterday in Buffalo"

McPherson, Fred - Thursday March 28, 1907
"Fred McPherson buried at Port today"

Pew, Mrs. Isaac - Wednesday April 10, 1907
"Mrs. Isaac Pew buried at Niagara Falls today"

Brookfield, E.W. - Saturday May 11, 1907
"E.W. Brookfield buried today"

Watson, Mrs. - Wednesday June 5, 1907
"Father and I were at Mrs. Watson's funeral in afternoon"

Carl, Mrs. George - Sunday September 8, 1907
"Mrs. Geo. Carl died this morning about 1/2 past 5"

Doan, Charles - Friday September 27, 1907
"Chas. Doan killed last night ... run over by a threshing machine"

Robertson, Mrs. Mary Jane - Monday November 4, 1907
"Andrew's wife took bad today and died at 1/2 past 6 tonight"

- Wednesday November 6, 1907
"was asking pall bearers for Mary Jane's funeral in forenoon"

Coulter, Charles - Friday November 29, 1907
"Charley Coulter killed last night at Parry Sound by the cars"

Monday December 2, 1907
"we were at Charley Coulter's funeral in the forenoon"

McIntyre, John - Saturday January 4, 1908
"John McIntyre's funeral yesterday he died on Monday"

Young, - Saturday February 15, 1908
"Ern Gilmour was here in the forenoon to tell us about Amasa Young's child being dead"

Sunday February 16, 1908
"up to funeral of Amasa's child in afternoon"

Parks, Arthur - Saturday March 14, 1908
"Dr. Park's little boy, Arthur, died this afternoon"

Coulter, Robert - Saturday March 21, 1908
"Robert Coulter died last night, a life resident of Port Robinson"

Tuesday March 24, 1908
"Jenet and I were at Mr. Coulter's funeral in the afternoon"

Hixon, Mrs. Jacob - Tuesday June 23, 1908
"Jenet and Andrew were at Mrs. Jacob Hixon's funeral"

Everingham, William - Monday July 20, 1908
"Wm Everingham died this forenoon"

Wednesday July 22, 1908
"we were at Wm Everingham's funeral from 10 till 2"

Simson, T.E. - Saturday August 8, 1908
"T. E. Simson of Thorold died this week"

Dixon, Mrs. George - Saturday August 29, 1908
"Mrs Geo. Dixon was buried on Tuesday at Drummond Hill"

Lymburner, Mrs. William - Monday October 5, 1908
"got word of Mrs. Wm. Lymburner's death"

Yokum, Mrs. T.D. - Tuesday January 26, 1909
"Mrs. T.D. Yokum died on Monday"

Glasgow, Dr. - Saturday March 13, 1909
"Dr. Glasgow died in Welland this morning early"

Tuesday March 16, 1909
"was up to Welland to Dr. Glasgow's funeral .. it was a military funeral"

Saturday March 20, 1909
"Dr. Glasgow buried on Tuesday"

Stark, Robert Jr. - Saturday March 13, 1909
"Robt. Stark Jun. died in Buffalo this morning about the same time (as Dr. Glasgow)"

- Saturday March 20, 1909
"Robert Stark buried on Monday"

Dochstader, J.N. - Saturday March 20, 1909
"Jenet and I were at St. Catharines to J.N. Dochstader's funeral, went on the cars"
"J.N. Dochstader buried on Saturday"

Bulgar, Dr. - Saturday March 20, 1909
"Dr. Bulgar buried on Wednesday"

McIntyre, Jemima - Saturday March 20, 1909
"Jemima McIntyre buried on Friday"

Misener, William - Monday March 22, 1909
"Wm Misener of Bismark buried today"

Somerville, Mrs. W.G. - Monday March 29, 1909
"Mrs. W.G. Somerville died last night"

Hagar, J. W. - Friday April 9, 1909
"J.W. Hagar died today"

Kottmeir, Mrs. H.H. - Wednesday April 21, 1909
"Mrs. H.H. Kottmeir died this morning"

Friday April 23, 1909
"I was at Mrs. Kottmeir's funeral from 11 to 5"

Pugston, Mrs. - Saturday May 15, 1909
"Mrs. Pugston buried at Presbyterian church yard today"

Cook, Warren - Sunday July 4, 1909
"Warren Cook of Port Robinson died today"

Matthews, Mrs. Francis (nee Sarah Garner) - Saturday November 6, 1909
"Mrs. Francis Matthews died last night or early this morning"

Monday November 8, 1909
"we were at Mrs. Matthew's funeral in the forenoon"

Cook, Mrs. Patience - Friday December 3, 1909
"Mrs. Patience Cook died this morning early in Port Robinson"

Sunday December 5, 1909
"was at Mrs. Cook's funeral"

Thomas, Mrs. August - Saturday January 15, 1910
"Mrs. August Thomas died this afternoon"

Tuesday January 18, 1910
"we were at Mrs. Thomas' funeral in the afternoon"

Abbey, James - Monday January 24, 1910
"Jas. Abbey died this morning"

Buckner, Ernest - Monday March 14, 1910
"Ernest Buckner killed at the falls today"

Pew, Mrs. George - Saturday March 19, 1910
"Mrs. Geo. Pew died this afternoon"

Tuesday March 22, 1910
"Jenet and Fred were over to Mrs. Geo. Pew's funeral in afternoon"

Webber, John - Sunday March 20, 1910
"John Webber was taken with paralysis tonight at chore time"

Bennet, Mrs. C.B. - Saturday April 9, 1910
"Mrs. C.B. Bennet buried today ... she died on Wednesday afternoon"

Young, Mrs. Leslie (nee Christina Carl) - Friday April 22, 1910
"Mrs. Leslie Young's funeral in afternoon"

Misener, Mrs. Harvey - Saturday May 28, 1910
"Harvey Misener's wife died today at Welland"

Vesey, Tom - Wednesday June 15, 1910
"Tom Vesey buried at Port yesterday in afternoon"

Everingham, Hiram - Sunday July 3, 1910
"Hiram Everingham killed by the cars last night at Montrose"

Secord, Harold - Wednesday July 13, 1910
"Harold Secord died last night"

Stewart, Mrs. Nancy - Saturday July 16, 1910
"Mrs. Nancy Stewart died yesterday"

"we were at Mrs. Stewart's funeral in afternoon"

Camp, M.A. - Tuesday July 26, 1910
"was at M.A. Camp funeral in afternoon"

Thomas, Ed - Friday October 14, 1910
"was at Ed Thomas' funeral in afternoon"

Young, Mrs. Wilson - Wednesday November 23, 1910
"Mrs Wilson Young buried today at Fonthill"

January, 1911 to December, 1920

Shannahan, Michael - Tuesday January 24, 1911
"Michael Shannahan died tonight at 9 o'clock"

Friday January 27, 1911
"M. J. Shannahan buried today"

Cruikshank, Mrs. Andrew - Sunday February 19, 1911
"Mrs. Andrew Cruikshank died yesterday"

Bradfield, John - Friday February 24, 1911
"John Bradfield died today just after noon, had been sick a long time"

Monday February 27, 1911
"Fred and I were at John Bradfield's funeral in the afternoon"

Pratt, Emma Jane - Friday May 5, 1911
"Emma Jane Pratt died last night aged 71 years"

Saturday May 6, 1911
"I was at Amy Jane Pratt's funeral in the afternoon, she was 71 years old"

Hill, Mrs. John - Tuesday June 20, 1911
"Mrs John Hill buried at Fonthill today"

Wilson, Almer - Tuesday July 18, 1911
"Almer Wilson in Port was drowned at Port Colborne last night"

Elliott, Frank V. - Saturday July 29, 1911
"Frank V. Elliott buried today at Fonthill"

Lowry, Mr. - Sunday September 10, 1911
"Mr. Lowry in Port, died yesterday, he was near 100 years old"

Hilton, Dan - Tuesday October 17, 1911
"Dan Hilton was killed by the cars this morning"

Thursday October 19, 1911
"Jenet and I were up to Welland to D.D. Hilton's funeral today"

Rhor, Stephen - Friday November 10, 1911
"Stephen Rhor died this morning in the Welland Hospital"

Allan, Thomas - Saturday November 11, 1911
"heard of Tom Allan's death this afternoon"

Whitwell, Edith (nee Young) - Saturday November 25, 1911
"got word that Edith Whitwell is dead"

Sunday November 26, 1911
"was over to Hern's to tell them about funeral of Edith Whitwell"

Misener, Nelson - Wednesday December 13, 1911
"got word that Nelson Misener is dead at Dunnville"

Hannah, Mrs. William - Friday December 29, 1911
"Mrs. Wm Hannah of Thorold Tp buried today at Fonthill, she died Tuesday night"

Hern, Mrs. - Saturday February 2, 1912
"old Mrs. Hern died this morning"

Monday February 4, 1912
"was at old Mrs. Hern's funeral in afternoon"

Clark, Calvin - Saturday April 6, 1912
"Calvin Clark died today"

Cronmiller, Philip - Wednesday May 15, 1912
"Philip Cronmiller died this morning"

Saturday May 18, 1912
"I was at Philip Cronmiller's funeral in the forenoon"

Coleman, Dilly - Sunday May 19, 1912
"Dilly Coleman the second buried at Port Robinson today"

Page, Bert - Saturday June 8, 1912
"Bert Page buried today at Fonthill"

Ross, William - Tuesday September 10, 1912
"Wm Ross died this morning"

Thursday September 12, 1912
"was at Mr. Ross' funeral in afternoon"

Moyer, - Sunday October 6, 1912
"at Moyer's funeral in the afternoon"

Nunn, Aaron - Monday November 11, 1912
"Aaron Nunn died last night"

Chambers, John - Thursday November 14, 1912
"I was at John Chambers' funeral at Grimsby today"

Box, Edward - Tuesday February 11, 1913
"Edward Box died tonight"

Thomas, - Wednesday March 5, 1913
"the boys were at the Thomas boy's funeral in the afternoon"

Ross, George - Tuesday April 22, 1913
"Geo. Ross died today in Port Robinson"

Friday April 25, 1913
"Fred, Josie and I were at G. Ross' funeral in afternoon"

Everingham, Margaret - Wednesday May 7, 1913
"Mrs. Wm Everingham buried at Drummond Hill today"

Pratt, Smith - Wednesday May 21, 1913
"Smith Pratt died this morning"

Friday May 23, 1913
"I was at Smith Pratt's funeral in the afternoon"

Misener, George P. - Saturday July 19, 1913
"Geo. P. Misener buried on Friday"

Hill, William - Sunday September 7, 1913
"I was at Billy Hill's funeral after 5"

Young, Mrs. Pheobe (nee Matthews) - Wednesday December 17, 1913
"Mrs. Pheoba Young died yesterday"

Friday December 19, 1913
"I was at Mrs. Pheoba Young's funeral in middle of the day"

Styles, Mrs. - Thursday January 22, 1914
"Mrs. Styles died in Port wednesday morning"

Thomas, Robert G. - Saturday February 14, 1914
"Robert G. Thomas died this morning"

Tuesday February 17, 1914
"Jenet and I were at R.J. Thomas' funeral in afternoon"

Misener, David - Sunday February 22, 1914
"father died this morning about 3 o'clock"

Tuesday February 24, 1914
"father's funeral was from here today"

Emmett, Dr. J.O. - Thursday April 30, 1914
"Dr. J.O. Emmett died today"

Sunday May 3, 1914
"up at Dr. Emmett's funeral in the afternoon"

Clark, Aubrey - Saturday August 15, 1914
"Aubrey Clark buried today he died on Thursday last"

Cole, Henry - Thursday October 15, 1914
"Henry Cole buried today at Fonthill"

Cleland, Mrs. Maggie (nee Margaret Cronmiller) - Saturday October 24,
"heard of the death of Mrs. Cleland, formerly Maggie
Cronmiller, at Detroit"

Everingham, Abner - Saturday December 12, 1914
"heard tonight that Abner Everingham is dead"

Asher, Mrs. Alex - Saturday March 20, 1915
"Mrs. Alex Asher died this afternoon"

Kelly, Mrs. - Thursday April 8, 1915
"Mrs. Kelly died today"

Saturday April 10, 1915
"was at Mrs. Kelly's funeral in the afternoon"

Webster, Mrs. - Sunday April 11, 1915
"I was at Mrs. Webster's funeral this afternoon"

Misener, Alfred - Monday August 30, 1915
"Alfred Misener died this morning"

Wednesday September 1, 1915
"Alfred Misener's funeral today"

Shugg, Owen - Saturday September 25, 1915
"Owen Shugg killed last night by cars"

Webster, William - Saturday October 9, 1915
"Wm Webster died today about noon"

Abbey, Alex - Monday October 11, 1915
"Alex. Abbey died this morning"

Wednesday October 13, 1915
"was over at A. Abbey's funeral in afternoon"

Moyer, Caroline - Friday November 19, 1915
"Caroline Moyer's funeral today"

Booker, ____ - Tuesday November 30, 1915
"got word of Booker being killed"

Wednesday December 1, 1915
"Clifford was at Booker's funeral in afternoon"

Young, Mrs. Bert - Tuesday December 14, 1915
"I was down to the funeral of Mrs. Bert Young at 11 o'clock"

Carl, Aggie - Friday December 17, 1915
"Aggie Carl died yesterday of Pneumonia"

Sunday December 19, 1915
"we were at Aggie Carl's funeral got home at 1/2 past 3"

Comfort, Mrs. - Friday December 24, 1915
"Mrs. Comfort died at Sauer's last night"

Ross, Mrs. George - Saturday January 22, 1916
"Mrs. Geo Ross buried at Port today"

Cook, Emily - Saturday January 22, 1916
"Emily Cook buried at Doan's Ridge today"

Young, Mary - Friday March 3, 1916
"Mary Young at Montrose buried today, died on Wednesday"

Terreberry, - Sunday April 12, 1916
"C. Terreberry's child buried today"

Yokum, Charles - Saturday May 6, 1916
"Charles Yokum died today at Crowland Center, said to have bled to death"

Noxel, John - Wednesday July 26, 1916
"John Noxel killed by lightening yesterday also 13 horses and his barn"

Page, Martha - Sunday August 6, 1916
"Martha Page buried at Fonthill today"

Hodgkins, Mrs. Freman - Saturday November 2, 1916
"Mrs. Freman Hodgkins was burried on Thursday"

Kilman, Alva - Monday December 4, 1916
"He (Whitson) told us of Alva Kilman's death"

Misener, Harvey - Wednesday December 13, 1916
"got word of Harvey Misener's death at Windsor"

Joye, Charles - Friday January 26, 1917
"Charley Joye died this morning about 7 o'clock at W.A. Hern's"

Sunday January 28, 1917
"Clifford was out to Charley Joy's Funeral"

Misener, Edwy - Monday February 5, 1917
"Edwy Misener buried at Fonthill today"

Misener, Josiah - Wednesday February 21, 1917
"Josiah Misener's funeral was today. He died on Sunday"

Hagar, Humpy - Sunday March 11, 1917
"Humpy Hagar died today"

Matthews, Mrs. Margaret (nee Young) - Tuesday March 13, 1917
"Aunt Margaret Matthews died this Morning"

Thursday March 15, 1917
"we were at aunt Margaret's funeral today"

McDermott, Mrs. Pheoba - Sunday May 27, 1917
"got word of the death of Mrs. Pheoba McDermott in Toronto"

uesday May 29, 1917
"we went to Port to Mrs. Pheoba McDermott's funeral"

White, Charles - Saturday June 9, 1917
"Chas. White of Port Robinson died suddenly Thursday morning"

Sunday June 10, 1917
"we were at Charlie White's funeral"

Page, Clair - Tuesday July 10, 1917
"Clair Page killed by lightening yesterday"

Thursday July 12, 1917
"we were at Clair Page's funeral"

Fuller, Kirby - Tuesday July 17, 1917
"heard of Kirby Fuller's death this morning"

Camp, William Jr. - Sunday August 5, 1917
"we were at the funeral of Wm Camp Jun. in the afternoon"

Young, Mrs. Robert - Monday August 20, 1917
"Robert Young's wife died today"

Young, George Daniel - Sunday November 25, 1917
"Geo. D. Young of Brantford died this morning"

Rae, Mrs. James - Monday January 28, 1918
"got word of Mrs. Jas. Rae's death"

Benson, Mrs. - Wednesday January 30, 1918
"Mrs Benson died last night"

Current, Mrs. Freelove (nee Misener) - Friday February 1, 1918
"Mrs. Currant died last night, she was Miss Freelove Misener"

Morris, Edwin - Monday February 11, 1918
"Edwin Morris of Dacotah buried at the Ridge today"

Page, Mrs. Seth - Wednesday February 27, 1918
"Mrs Seth Page died this forenoon"

Friday March 1, 1918
"we were at Mrs. Page's funeral"

Camp, William - Thursday March 21, 1918
"Wm Camp died last night, suddenly"

Saturday March 23, 1918
"to Wm Camp's funeral in the afternoon"

Offspring, Mrs. George - Tuesday April 23, 1918
"I was at Mrs. Geo. Offspring's funeral in the forenoon"

Shannahan, Mrs. - Thursday May 2, 1918
"I was at Mrs Shannahan's funeral, she died Monday night"

Sherk, Mrs. Rachel (nee Young) - Sunday May 5, 1918
"Mrs Rachel Sherk buried at Hamilton today"

Smith, R. - Wednesday June 5, 1918
"was over to Port at R. Smith's funeral"

Arnold, George - Saturday August 31, 1918
"Geo Arnold died this morning at Fonthill"

Kottmier, - Friday September 6, 1918
"Albert Kottmeires's child died this morning, Cholera Infantum"

Misener, William - Saturday September 14, 1918
"we got word that Will Misener of Michigan was taken with paralysis"

Wheeler, Fred - Saturday September 14, 1918
"Fred Wheeler, as sentry shot by a German sniper"

Wilson, Wilbur - Saturday October 12, 1918
"Wilbur Wilson of Port Robinson killed in France"

Grisdale, Arnold - Monday October 14, 1918
"Arnold Grisdale died of the flu"

Misener, Mrs. Sarah (nee Ostrander) - Saturday October 19, 1918
"we were at aunt Sarah's funeral at Fonthill. She was 98 years old.

Died in Buffalo. The body came on M.C.R. to Welland thence to
the cemetery by auto"

Drysdale, Mrs. R.R. - Wednesday November 20, 1918
"got word of the death of Mrs. R.R. Drysdale"

Offspring, Mary - Thursday November 21, 1918
"Mary Offspring of Port Robinson died of the flu"

Carl, Mrs. Courtland - Friday December 6, 1918
"Mrs. Courtland Carl's funeral today"

Rock, Pat - Saturday January 25, 1919
"Pat Rock over in the village died today"

Tuesday January 28, 1919
"I was over to Pat Rock's funeral in the afternoon"

Johnson, Lafayette - Wednesday February 19, 1919
"Lafayette Johnson died today"

Grisdale, William - Tuesday April 1, 1919
"Wm Grisdale was buried at Port Robinson today, died last week"

  Thomas, - Thursday May 1, 1919
"Joe Thomas' boy died last night"

Clark, Maria - Monday May 12, 1919
"Maria Clark died today"

Page, Seth - Thursday May 22, 1919
"Seth Page died last night"

Saturday May 24, 1919
"we were at Seth Page's funeral in the afternoon at Fonthill"

Collings, Mrs. - Sunday June 8, 1919
"at Mrs. Collings' funeral in afternoon"

Miller, Jonathan - Saturday June 14, 1919
"Jonathan Miller died today, 82 years old"

- Monday June 16, 1919
"we were at Jonathan Miller's funeral in the afternoon"

Boardman, Ed - Wednesday July 23, 1919
"Ed Boardman buried today, found dead in bed"

Quinlin, Mrs. - Wednesday August 20, 1919
"Mrs. Quinlin died tonight at 5 o'clock"

Saturday August 23, 1919
"I was at Mrs. Quinlin's funeral at Port in the Forenoon"

Young, Mrs. Albert R. - Wednesday September 17, 1919
"we were at Mrs. Albert R. Young's funeral in afternoon"

Reaveley, Mrs. Thomas - Wednesday September 17, 1919
"Mrs. Thomas Reaveley died today about noon"

Friday September 19, 1919
"we were at Mrs. Reaveley's funeral"

Misener, Mrs. Ed - Friday October 3, 1919
"we were at Mrs. Ed Misener's funeral in afternoon"

Watson, Emily - Friday October 24, 1919
"Emily Watson's funeral yesterday"

Jenkinson, Mrs. William - Saturday October 25, 1919
"Mrs. William Jenkinson's funeral today"

Misener, Mrs. Albert - Tuesday October 28, 1919
"Mrs. Albert Misener's funeral in afternoon"

Young, Amasa - Saturday November 8, 1919
"Amasa Young, a cousin, died last night in Buffalo"

Monday November 10, 1919
"we were at Amasa Young's funeral"

Misener, Albert - Saturday December 27, 1919
"Albert Misener died on Thursday"

Hilton, Simeon - Saturday January 17, 1920
"Simeon Hilton died in Welland this week. He was 98 years old. His
mother was my Grandfather's second wife"

Overholt, D.D. - Thursday February 26, 1920
"I was at D.D. Overholt's funeral in the afternoon"

Stark, J. M. - Tuesday March 9, 1920
"J.M. Stark died this morning"

Thursday March 11, 1920
"was at J.M. Stark's funeral in afternoon"

Grisdale, Mrs Ada - Thursday March 18, 1920
"Mrs Ada Grisdale killed by street car last night in Toronto"

Hagar, Jane - Thursday April 22, 1920
"was at Mrs Jane Hagar's funeral"

Young, Edgar - Saturday April 24, 1920
"Edgar Young of Buffalo died last night - appendicitis. He was born and brot up in this section"

Webster, - Sunday May 30, 1920
"at the funeral of Howie Webster's boy in the afternoon. He died of measles and pneumonia, 11 years old"

Webber, John - Tuesday July 20, 1920
"John Webber died last night"

Dils, Palmer - Monday October 30, 1920
"Palmer Dils funeral today"

Dell, Emanuel - Saturday November 13, 1920
"Emanuel Dell died yesterday afternoon"

Cronmiller, Mrs. Rhoda (nee Young) - Tuesday November 16, 1920
"Mrs Cronmiller died last night"

Thursday November 18, 1920
"we were at Rhoda's funeral"