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Donated by:  Richard L.R. Hirst, UE, St. Catharines, Ontario
" The Diaries of Melvin Byron Misener
The following information is quoted from diaries of Melvin Byron Misener of Crowland (May 18, 1847 - May 28, 1936), who was known by many  readers of the Welland Tribune as "the Crowland Poet". His personal writings span the period from 1869 to 1935. Among the daily accounts of social events, weather conditions and farm chores there are numerous obituaries for friends, family and others living in Welland County, particularly Crowland, Thorold and Port Robinson. I have extracted these references as part of the long process of indexing the diaries. Hopefully, someone will find them of use. They are organized chronologically as they appeared in the diaries but I have added notes where they were required.

January, 1921 to December 31, 1926

Terreberry, Mrs. Bert - Saturday January 1, 1921
"Bert Terrebery's wife's funeral today"

Moody, Mrs. George - Wednesday March 2, 1921
"Mrs Geo. Moody died this morning at 3 o'clock"

Friday March 4, 1921
"I was at Mrs. Moody's funeral in the forenoon"

Holditch, William - Monday April 11, 1921
"William Holditch died last night, 71 years old, past"

Hamilton, Andrew - Monday May 9, 1921
"Andrew Hamilton's funeral yesterday"

Lynch, Mrs. James - Tuesday June 7, 1921
"Mrs. James Lynch died this morning"

Camp, Mrs. Robert - Sunday June 12, 1921
"Mrs. Robert Camp died early this morning"

Wednesday June 15, 1921
"We were at the funeral of Mrs. Robert Camp at 1:30"

Jordan, George - Sunday June 26, 1921
"we were at Geo. Jordan's funeral yesterday afternoon"

Booth, William - Friday September 2, 1921
"Wm Booth's funeral in the afternoon"

Abbey, Mrs. - Tuesday October 4, 1921
"Mrs. Abbey in Port died last night aged 84"

Thursday October 6, 1921
"Mrs Abbey's funeral was today"

Kottmeir, Harmon H. - Tuesday December 20, 1921
"Harmon H. Kottmeir died today, he was nearly 83 years old"

Thursday December 22, 1921
"I was at Mr. Kottmeir's funeral"

Cruikshank, Andrew - Friday January 13, 1922
"Andrew Cruikshank died today, over 80 years old"

Monday January 16, 1922
"Mr. Cruikshank's funeral was today"

Goodwillie, John - Sunday January 15, 1922
"John Goodwillie died today aged 59"

Biggar, Mrs. John - Tuesday January 17, 1922
"Mrs. John Biggar died last night"

Dilts, Mrs. - Wednesday January 25, 1922
"got the word that Mrs. Dilts died last night"

McPherson, Mrs. Margaret - Friday February 10, 1922
"Mrs. Margaret McPherson died this morning in Port"

Monday February 13, 1922
"I was at Mrs McPherson's funeral this afternoon"

Elliot, Mrs. George - Tuesday March 28, 1922
"Mrs Geo Elliot of Welland died today, 76 years old, formerly of Port Robinson"

Foster, - Thursday March 30, 1922
"the funeral of the girl, Miss Foster, who was killed by cars, was today."

Misener, Mrs. J.K. - Saturday April 8, 1922
"Mrs J.K. Misener died last night"

Monday April 10, 1922
"was down at Mrs. J.K. Misener's funeral in the afternoon"

Young, Mrs. Caroline (nee Flummerfelt) - Saturday April 15, 1922
"Mrs. Caroline Young died this morning, 78 years old"

Tuesday April 18, 1922
"Mrs. Caroline Young buried today"

Clark, Charles O. - Saturday April 15, 1922
"Charles Clark, a brother-in-law, died today suddenly"

Tuesday April 18, 1922
"we went to Chas. O. Clark's funeral in the afternoon"

Misener, Harmon - Wednesday April 26, 1922
"got word that Harmon Misener of Bismark is dead"

Unda, - Wednesday April 26, 1922
"the Unda boy's funeral today"

Sibbett, Thomas - Saturday July 22, 1922
"heard that Thos. Sibbett of south Welland is dead, he had a stroke of paralysis about 10 years ago"

Bell, Joseph - Sunday July 23, 1922
"got word that Joe Bell died in Iowa"

Tuesday July 25, 1922
"we were over at Joe Bell's funeral in the afternoon, it was a large funeral"

Wilson, - Friday August 11, 1922
"the 5th son of Levi Wilson died last night, scalded"

Monday August 14, 1922
"I was at the Wilson boy's funeral"

Misener, Matthias - Tuesday August 15, 1922
"Matthias Misener of Wellandport died suddenly this morning"

Friday August 18, 1922
"John Moody and I were up to Mathias Misener's funeral in Wellandport"

Jalbert, Lewis - Monday October 30, 1922
"Lewis Jalbert's funeral was today"

McIntyre, Eli - Thursday November 2, 1922
"got word that Eli McIntyre is dead"

Smith, - Friday November 3, 1922
"was over to Jack Smith's with phone message about the death of his grandchild at Port Rowan"

Allen, Mrs. - Wednesday November 22, 1922
"Jimmy McKeand was here in the morning to see about going to Mrs. Allen's funeral, we did not go."

McDonald, John S. - Thursday November 23, 1922
"John S. McDonald killed by train on MCR at Silverthorn's crossing last night, 7 o'clock"

Young, James A. - Monday December 4, 1922
"got word that James A. Young is dead, his funeral was yesterday"

McCrea, - Sunday December 10, 1922
"heard about the McCrea boy being drowned"

Thomas, August - Wednesday December 20, 1922
"Mr. August Thomas found dead in his room this morning"

Friday December 22, 1922
"was over to Mr. Thomas' funeral in the afternoon"

Horton, Eli - Thursday December 21, 1922
"Eli Horton died last night"

Jordan, Mrs. George - Thursday January 4, 1923
"Mrs. Geo. Jordan's funeral at Port in the afternoon"

Moore, Simon - Monday January 22, 1923
"Simon Moore's funeral today in Wainfleet"

Grisdale, Robert - Tuesday January 30, 1923
"Robert Grisdale buried at Port today, was 85"

Thomas, William - Friday February 2, 1923
"Wm Thomas died this afternoon"

Monday February 5, 1923
"was at W.M. Thomas' funeral in the afternoon"

Elliot, Walter - Friday February 2, 1923
"got word that Walter Elliot is dead at Fonthill"

Pfeiffer, Catherine - Thursday March 8, 1923
"Catherine Pfeiffer died Tuesday night"

Friday March 9, 1923
"Pfeiffer girl's funeral at Port today"

Misener, Mrs. Adoram - Friday March 23, 1923
"Mrs. Adoram Misener died yesterday"

Hannah, William - Sunday April 22, 1923
"Wm Hannah died yesterday aged 83"

Monday April 23, 1923
"Hannah's funeral today"

Misener Whitson Durand - Friday May 4, 1923
"Whitson died this morning about 5 o'clock"

Sunday May 6, 1923
"we were at Whitson's funeral today"

Misener, Mrs. Matthias - Friday May 4, 1923
"Matthias Misener's wife is dead at Wellandport"

Camp, Samuel - Sunday May 6, 1923
"heard that Sam Camp is dead at Toronto"

Tuesday May 8, 1923
"We were out to Sam Camp's funeral in afternoon"

Wilson, William - Sunday June 24, 1923
"a young man downed down by the McKey farm today, William Wilson"

Hague, Wallace - Thursday August 2, 1923
"Wallace Hague died today, young man in Welland"

Carl, John F. - Wednesday September 12, 1923
"John F. Carl was buried today"

Ott, Fred - Sunday September 16, 1923
"Fred Ott died in Welland Saturday night"

Osborne, Mrs. - Sunday September 30, 1923
"Mrs. Osborne died today about noon"

Tuesday October 2, 1923
"we were out to Mrs. Osborne's funeral in the afternoon"

Elliot, Andrew - Saturday October 20, 1923
"Andrew Elliot died this morning, 82 years old"

Monday October 22, 1923
"we were at Andrew Elliot's funeral in the afternoon"

McKeand, James - Tuesday October 23, 1923
"Jas. McKeand died last night, paralytic stroke, aged about 51 years"

Thursday October 25, 1923
"I was at McKeand's funeral in the forenoon at the church"

Feeny, Tom - Tuesday October 23, 1923
"Tom Feeny died last night at Chippeway"

Friday October 26, 1923
"we were at Tom Feeny's funeral in the forenoon at the Catholic church"

McIntyre, Joseph - Wednesday November 28, 1923
"got word of Joe McIntyre's death"

Rose, Frank - Saturday December 15, 1923
"Frank Rose burried at the Presbyterian church yard today"

Elliot, George - Saturday December 15, 1923
"Geo. Elliot died today at Welland"

Monday December 17, 1923
"at Geo Elliot's funeral"

Brookfield, Mrs. W.W. - Sunday February 3, 1924
"Mrs. W.W. Brookfield died this morning in Welland"

Whitwell, Levi - Wednesday February 13, 1924
"Levi Whitwell is dead and will be buried tomorrow at Fonthill"

Park, Hugh - Tuesday March 18, 1924
"Hugh Park died this morning"

Thursday March 20, 1924
"Hugh Park's funeral today"

Hedrick, Mrs H. - Tuesday March 25, 1924
"Mrs. H. Hedrick died this morning"

McKenny, Orlin - Wednesday April 23, 1924
"Orlin McKenny died yesterday"

Miller, Rosina - Friday May 9, 1924
"Rosina Miller died yesterday, aged 79"

Asher, James - Wednesday June 18, 1924
"James Asher died yesterday"

Welsh, James - Wednesday June 18, 1924
"James Welsh died today"

Friday June 20, 1924
"I was at Mr. Welsh's funeral"

Orth, N.H. - Saturday July 5, 1924
"N.H. Orth's body found in river"

Collard, James - Saturday July 26, 1924
"I was at Mr. James Collard's funeral in the afternoon, he was 90 years old or more"

Feeney, Miss E. - Wednesday August 20, 1924
"Miss E. Feeney died last night"

Misener, William - Thursday October 9, 1924
"got word that Will. Misener is dead in California"

Page, George - Friday October 10, 1924
"got word that Geo. Page is dead, last of his family"

Saturday October 11, 1924
"Geo. Page's funeral was this afternoon at Doan's Ridge"

Moyer, Lewis - Saturday November 8, 1924
"was very much surprised to hear of the death of Lewis Moyer of St. Catharines, who once lived in this section"

Dell, Melvin - Saturday November 15, 1924
"Melvin Dell in Port Robinson died at noon, suddenly"

Howell, Dr. - Tuesday November 18, 1924
"Dr. Howell's funeral today"

Bugner, H.O. - Sunday December 7, 1924
"H. O. Bugner died today at Welland, was a blacksmith at Cook's Mills
at one time"

Misener, David - Monday January 5, 1925
"Got word that David Misener of Bismark is dead"

Brown, Mr. - Thursday January 8, 1925
"Mr. Brown killed, fell from building on the island"

Misener, Alvin - Wednesday February 4, 1925
"we got word that Alvin Misener of Sherkston died last night"

Clark, Mrs. Rachel (nee Misener) - Thursday February 5, 1925
"sister Rachel died this afternoon, near 75 years old"

Saturday February 7, 1925
"went up to Rachel's funeral"

Moore, Mrs. Dorcas (nee Matthews) - Tuesday February 17, 1925
"got word that Dorcas Moore is dead and buried"

Misener, Wellington - Friday February 20, 1925
"got word that Wellington Misener is dead in Buffalo, funeral to be on Sunday at 2 0'clock"

Sunday February 22, 1925
"Wellington Dee Misener's funeral at Fonthill today. He died in Buffalo. He was a cousin, son of Robert Misener"

Young, Mrs. Catharine (nee Jameison) - Saturday February 21, 1925
"Mrs. Catharine Young's funeral today, her age 82 yrs"

Gilmore, Miss - Tuesday March 17, 1925
"Miss Gilmore died this afternoon at A. MacDonald's in Port"

Thursday March 19, 1925
"was over to Miss Gilmore's Funeral in t he afternoon, she was buried at Fonthill"

Pearson, George Sr. - Monday May 4, 1925
"Geo. Pearson Sr. is dead aged 86"

Thomas, R.J. Sr. - Wednesday May 6, 1925
"R. J. Thomas Sen. died last night at hospital, N. F. (Niagara Falls)"

Friday May 8, 1825
"we were over to Mr. Thomas' funeral in the afternoon"

Moody, Mr. - Wednesday June 17, 1925
"Old Mr. Moody died in forenoon"

MacGregor, Alex - Friday June 26, 1925
"got word that Alex MacGregor died this morning, had been in the lunatic asylum for 4 years"

Stark, Mrs. George - Sunday July 5, 1925
"Mrs. Geo. Stark died today, she was 8 weeks sick"

Tuesday July 7, 1925
"we were at the funeral of Mrs. Geo. Stark at the Drummond Hill church in the afternoon"

Emmet, Mrs. Dr. - Friday July 17, 1925
"Mrs. Dr. Emmet died yesterday, drowned"

Booth, Mrs. - Tuesday September 29, 1925
"Mrs Booth died today"

Friday October 2, 1925
"Mrs. Booth's funeral in the afternoon"

Dougherty, J. - Thursday October 1, 1925
"J. Dougherty died today at Allenburg"

Moulton, Mrs. - Sunday October 25, 1925
"Mrs. Moulton in the village died this forenoon"

McIntyre, Pheoba - Sunday November 1, 1925
"Pheoba McIntyre died last night"

McCracken, William - Friday November 20, 1925
"Wm McCracken's funeral today, he died on Wednesday at Hiram Young's"

Matthews, Mrs. Abner - Monday December 21, 1925
"Mrs. Abner Matthews was drowned this morning in canal, auto ran in"

Wednesday December 23, 1925
"Mrs. Matthews funeral today"

Pearson, John - Friday Febuary 19, 1926
"John Pearson's funeral was today at Welland"

Thorpe, Mrs. - Saturday February 20, 1926
"got word of death of Mrs. Thorpe in Thorold"

Hill, Almer - Thursday April 1, 1926
"Almer Hill is dead out in the west"

Hilsle, George - Friday April 30, 1926
"heard that Geo. Hilsle died last night"

Garner, L.V. - Wednesday August 11, 1926
"heard of death of L.V. Garner at Fonthill"

Thomas, Mr. - Saturday August 14, 1926
"Sarah Thomas' husband buried today at Smithville"

Welch, James - Monday October 11, 1926
"James Welch died yesterday in the village"

Mulholland, Fred - Wednesday October 20, 1926
"Fred Mulholland died in Welland"

Munro, Miss C. - Tuesday November 16, 1926
"Miss C. Munro died today in Port Robinson"

Gray, Charles - Friday December 17, 1926
"Charles Gray of Stamford was killed last night by an auto-truck"

Misener, Clarence - Tuesday December 21, 1926
"got word of the death of Clarence Misener at Canfield"

January, 1927 to November, 1935

Moore, Daniel - Friday January 7, 1927
"saw in the paper of the death of Dan Moore, husband of Elda Matthews"

Holditch, Edgar - Thursday January 13, 1927
"Mr. Edgar Holditch's funeral was today, buried in the mausoleum at Fonthill"

Ware, Mrs. Alice (nee Misener) - Wednesday January 19, 1927
"got word that my sister, Alice, is dead, Mrs. Ware"

Saturday January 22, 1927
"Fred took me down to Mrs. C.T. Ware's funeral in afternoon"

Buckton, Leonard - Wednesday January 19, 1927
"heard that Leonard Buckton of Sask. is dead"

Waters, John - Tuesday March 22, 1927
"got word that John Waters and Rae Young are dead"

- Thursday March 24, 1927
"John Waters and John Hicks buried today"

Young, Rae - Tuesday March 22, 1927
(see John Waters)

Hicks, John - Thursday March 24, 1927
(see John Waters)

Welch, Mrs. - Sunday April 17, 1927
"Mrs. Welch on the survey died last night"

Robertson, Mrs. William - Monday April 18, 1927
"Mrs. Wm Robertson died last night"

Wednesday April 20, 1927
"Mrs. Wm Robertson buried today"

Karr, Frank - Thursday April 21, 1927
"Frank Karr died in hospital this morning"

Misener, Agnes - Monday May 2, 1927
"got word that Agnes Misener of Toledo, Ohio is dead and will be buried at Wellandport Tomorrow"

Misener, Adam - Saturday May 14, 1927
"Adam Misener in Welland died in afternoon"

Tuesday May 17, 1927
"Adam Misener buried today"

Feeney, Mary Ann - Saturday June 4, 1927
"Mary Ann Feeney died this morning"

- Monday June 6, 1927
"I was to Port to Miss Feeney's funeral"

Collard, Laurence - Saturday June 11, 1927
"Laurence Collard died yesterday in the village"

Monday June 13, 1927
"was over at the funeral of Laurence Collard in the afternoon"

Reaveley, T.S. - Sunday October 2, 1927
"Fred took us to T.S. Reaveley's funeral"

Clark, Edmund - Sunday November 6, 1927
"saw in the paper that Edmund Clark is dead"

Brown, W. H. - Wednesday November 16, 1927
"W.H. Brown, a nephew, died at Port Robinson last night of Kidney trouble"

Friday November 18, 1927
"we were over to Mr. Brown's funeral in the afternoon"

McGill, Francis - Sunday December 4, 1927
"Francis McGill of Port Robinson died last night in hospital, said to be from poison whiskey"

Tuesday December 6, 1927
"Florence McGill's funeral today at the English Church"

Camp, Robert - Tuesday December 20, 1927
"Robert Camp died last night aged 86, over at the village"

Friday December 23, 1927
"Robert Camp's funeral in the afternoon"

Irwin, Thomas - Thursday December 22, 1927
"Thomas Irwin's funeral at Port today. He was Mrs. Jalbert's

McGill, Mrs. - Saturday December 24. 1927
"Mrs. McGill Died last night in Port, daughter died 3 weeks ago"

Young, Mrs. Mary - Thursday December 29, 1927
"Aunt Mary Young died today in N. J. (New Jersey)"

Sunday January 1, 1928
"got word that Jenet's sister, Mary, is dead in N.J., 87 years old"

Tuesday January 3, 1928
"Jenet's sister, Mrs. Mary Young, died last Thursday in New Jersey"

Young, Morris - Friday December 30, 1927
"Morris Young died last night, shot in the knee on Monday"

Monday January 2, 1928
"The funeral of Morris Young at the R.C. Church today, burial at Holy Cross cemetery, Crowland"

Yokum, Oscar - Thursday January 12, 1928
"Oscar Yokum at Crowland Centre hung himself yesterday"

Friday January 13, 1928
"Oscar Yokum's funeral was this afternoon"

Flagg, William - Sunday January 29, 1928
" Josie got word that her father, Wm Flagg, died this morning aged 72"

Gross, J.F. - Sunday January 29, 1928
"Lawyer J.F. Gross is dead in Welland"

Box, Norman - Wednesday April 25, 1928
"(Fred) brot word that Norman Box died last night, a stroke"

Friday April 27, 1928
"Fred and Josie were here after they came from Mr. Box's funeral , Mr. Box was 71 years old"

Cronmiller, Norman - Thursday May 3, 1928
"Norman Cronmiller died today in afternoon, at Welland"

Hern, Mrs. Fanny (nee Misener) - Monday September 24, 1928
"heard about Mrs. John Hern being dead, she was Fanny Misener"

Wallace, Margaret - Friday September 28, 1928
"heard that Maggie Wallace is dead"

Misener, John - Wednesday November 21, 1928
"A. John Misener's funeral in Welland today. He lived most of his life in Crowland, son of Andrew Misener, Grandson of Jeremiah Misener"

Taylor, William - Saturday December 1, 1928
"got word that Wm Taylor is dead. He was about 85 years old"

Pearson, Mrs. Bessie (nee Hodgkins) - Monday December 10, 1928
"Mrs. Bessie Pearson was buried today. She was the daughter of Genosero Hodgkins, burial at Doan's Ridge"

Awrey, Charles - Friday December 21, 1928
"Chas Awrey killed last night on the Welland road by an auto"

Misener, Mrs. Josiah - Tuesday January 22, 1929
"Mrs Josiah Misener died last night"

Thursday January 24, 1929
"Mrs. Josiah Misener's funeral today"

Nunnemaker, Mrs. Adam - Sunday February 24, 1929
"we got phone from Earnest Beamer about the death of Mrs. Adam Nunnemaker at Bismark"

Baker, Fred - Wednesday March 6, 1929
"Fred Baker died last night in Port"

Saturday March 9, 1929
"Fred Baker's funeral was this afternoon to Fonthill"

Abbey, R.H. - Thursday April 11, 1929
"heard that R.H. Abbey once of Port Robinson has died in Toronto"

Saturday April 13, 1929
"R.H. Abbey's funeral was at Port this afternoon, he was 68"

Webster, Samuel - Tuesday April 16, 1929
"Samuel Webster died very suddenly today in the village"

Thursday April 18, 1929
"was over to Port in afternoon with Mr. Moody to Sam Webster's burial at the Presbyterian Church yard"

Ross, Robert - Saturday June 1, 1929
"Robert Ross of Port Robinson died early this morning"

Monday June 3, 1929
"R. Ross' funeral today"

Orr, John - Tuesday July 2, 1929
"John Orr buried at Fonthill today"

Brecken, Jane - Tuesday July 2, 1929
"saw in the paper that Jane Becken of Chippewa died on Sunday. She went to school at the Darby School when I did"

Heslop, Robert - Thursday July 4, 1929
"Robert Heslop found dead in bed this morning"

Kelly, W. M. - Friday July 5, 1929
"W.M. Kelly died last night, he owned the Shafer farm"

Karr, Mrs. - Friday November 1, 1929
"old Mrs. Karr died this afternoon, 85 years old"

Lynch, James - Saturday November 16, 1929
"Jas. Lynch Hotel keeper in Port Robinson died yesterday, 75 years old"

- Monday November 18, 1929
"Lynch's funeral was today"

Young, Richard Heaslip - Wednesday December 4, 1929
"R.H. Young died this morning. He was recorder of the chosen friends for a time. Richard Heaslip Young, son of Walter Young and said Walter Young had 5 wives. R. H. Young was 75 years old"

Friday December 6, 1929
"Richard Young's funeral was today, buried in the Catholic Cemetery, Holy Cross cemetery which was once the Walter Carl farm"

Hodgkins, Mr. - Tuesday December 17, 1929
"Mr. Hodgkins who had a stroke last Tuesday night died Sunday morning, was buried today"

Belair, Mrs. - Friday February 7, 1930
"Mrs. Belair's funeral today"

Gordon, Tom - Friday February 21, 1930
"Tom Gordon in Welland died today, lung trouble"

Young, Mrs. Eliza - Thursday March 13, 1930
"got word that Eliza Young is dead"

Sunday March 16, 1930
"Mrs Eliza Young buried yesterday at Fonthill"

Sullivan, Tom - Sunday April 20, 1930
"Tom Sullivan died in the village in the afternoon"

Lynch, William - Wednesday May 14, 1930
"Wm Lynch buried today at Fonthill"

Miller, Adolphus - Wednesday May 28, 1930
"heard of death of Adolphus Miller, once was a pupil of mine"

Ryan, Peter - Monday July 7, 1930
"got the word of Peter Ryan's death at Chippewa"

Happel, Mrs. - Wednesday July 9, 1930
"Mrs. Happel died last night in the hospital"

Hansel, Mrs. James N. - Friday July 18, 1930
"Mrs. Jas. N. Hansel died this morning"

- Monday July 21, 1930
"we were at Mrs. Hansel's funeral in the afternoon"

Mulholland, John - Monday September 15, 1930
"John Mulholland died yesterday in Port"

Wednesday September 17, 1930
"John Mulholland's funeral was today

Vanalstine, James - Saturday September 20, 1930
"James Vanalstine .... died yesterday from a stroke, Mr. Vanalstine was at Drummondville"

Young, Leslie - Saturday September 20, 1930
"Leslie Young died yesterday from a stroke .... Mr. Young in Crowland"

Lynch, Con - Friday September 26, 1930
"Con Lynch died today in Port"

Monday September 29, 1930
"I was over to Con Lynch's funeral in the forenoon"

Ramsden, John A. - Tuesday September 30, 1930
"saw the notice of death af John A. Ramsden an old schoolmate in Port Colborne"

Miller, Zella - Sunday November 16, 1930
"Zella Miller died this afternoon"

Tuesday November 18, 1930
"Zella Miller's funeral in afternoon"

Chambers, Mrs. Anna - Wednesday November 26, 1930
"Harvey Chambers of Grimsby here to tell us of the death of Mrs. Anna Chambers this morning"

Stallwood, Mrs. George - Tuesday December 9, 1930
"Mrs George Stallwood died in British Columbia yesterday"

Biggar, W.H. - Monday February 23, 1931
"got word of the death of W.H. Biggar at the Falls, he once lived where Travaille does"

Beckett, Mrs. - Monday March 2, 1931
"A Mrs. Beckett died in Port this morning"

Hodgkins, Mrs. Genosero - Monday March 23, 1931
"Mrs. Genosero Hodgkins died last night"

Wednesday March 25, 1931
"Mrs. Hodgkins funeral today"

Kirby, Harold - Monday April 20, 1931
"Harold Kirby hung himself down in the Kelly bush sometime since Friday last"

Hodgkins, Genosero - Wednesday August 5, 1931
"Genosero Hodgkins died suddenly this morning"

Saturday August 8, 1931
"Genosero Hodgkins funeral was yesterday"

Robertson, Andrew - Sunday December 13, 1931
"we got word that Andrew Robertson died this morning at the Sanitorium in Hamilton"

Tuesday December 15, 1931
"I went with Fred's to Andrew Robertson's funeral at Doan's Ridge in the afternoon"

Derry, Archdeacon - Saturday December 26, 1931
"Arch deacon Derry, English Church Minister, died suddenly yesterday"

Terreberry, Charles - Monday February 8, 1932
"Charles Terreberry's burial today"

Towlson, Charles - Friday February 12, 1932
"Chas Towlson died this morning, he was a cousin by marriage"

White, Mrs. L. - Saturday February 27, 1932
"Mrs. L. White's funeral today"

Thomas, John - Saturday February 27, 1932
"John Thomas died yesterday"

Pender, Mrs. - Friday May 20, 1932
"Mrs. Pender died today"

Sunday May 22, 1932
"Mrs. Pender was buried today"

Hagar, Mr. - Wednesday August 10, 1932
"May Hagar was in to tell about her father who died this morning about 3 o'clock"

Ware, Charles - Friday August 12, 1932
"Charley Ware's funeral was today"

Burwash, Mrs. - Saturday September 24, 1932
"Mrs. Burwash died today at James Karr's, Mr Karr's mother-in-law, 92 years old"

Robertson, William - Tuesday November 1, 1932
"got word that William Robertson, Jenet's brother, died suddenly last night, he was about 77 years old"

- Thursday November 3, 1932
"was at the Masonic funeral of William Robertson, Jenet's brother, in the afternoon, in Fonthill"

Harcourt, Richard - Monday November 28, 1932
"Richard Harcourt died today, (he) was a lawyer and MPP"

Misener, Adoram - Thursday December 22, 1932
"Doram Misener died in Welland last night"

Horton, Mrs. Joseph - Tuesday January 3, 1933
"Mrs. Joe Horton died this morning"

Thursday January 5, 1933
"Mrs. Joe Horton's funeral was today"

Carl, Jacob - Friday January 6, 1933
"Jacob Carl died yesterday morning, 71 years old"

Putman, Mr. - Saturday January 7, 1933
"Mr. Putman died in Port last night"

Ross, Charles - Thursday March 2, 1933
"heard that Chas. Ross of Ottawa is dead"

Hill, Samuel - Monday March 13, 1933
"Sammy Hill's funeral today"

Kottmier, John - Monday March 20, 1933
"heard that John Kottmier died this morning, he once lived in this section"

Spencer, Marvin - Friday March 31, 1933
"Marvin Spencer died last night, aged 79 years"

Saturday April 1, 1933
"Marvin Spencer's funeral was today"

Craig, Mrs. Christina - Monday April 24, 1933
"Aunt Christina was buried yesterday, the last of the Craig's"

Bennett, Mr. - Monday May 15, 1933
"Mr. Bennett died yesterday, funeral tomorrow at 2:30, burial at Port Robinson English church"

Ross, David - Tuesday May 30, 1933
"Mr. David Ross died today"

Stickler, Mrs. - Tuesday August 22, 1933
"Mrs. Stickler died this morning on the Kottmier farm, of dropsy"

Ware, John - Friday September 8, 1933
"John Ware hung himsself last night about 5 o'clock"

- Saturday September 9, 1933
"Clifford took us to John Ware's funeral"

Robertson, R.W. - Thursday November 16, 1933
"got word that R.W. Robertson has passed away"

Moyer, Henry - Saturday November 18, 1933
"heard that Henry Moyer is dead, he once lived in this section"

Emmett, Dr. - Saturday December 16, 1933
"Doctor Emmett at Fonthill died this afternoon"

Asher, Alex - Tuesday December 19, 1933
"Alex Asher on the Welland Road died today"

Webber, Raymond - Friday December 29, 1933
"heard of Raymond Webber having died this week"

Young, Earl - Monday January 1, 1934
"Earl Young died today"

Hill, Janet - Saturday February 3, 1934
"Janet Hill, an old school mate was buried on Friday"

Smith, Mrs. - Monday February 12, 1934
"Mrs. Smith in Port found dead in her room this morning"

Dewy, Fred - Tuesday February 27, 1934
"Fred Dewy died this morning in hospital"

Flagg, Mrs. - Sunday April 1, 1934
"word came that Josie's mother died this morning at four  and Josie decided to go to Decotah"

Hern, William - Monday April 8, 1934
"Wm Hern, a neighbour south of us, died this morning about 2 o'clock, his wife 16 years ago"

Thursday April 11, 1934
"W.A. Hern's funeral today, buried at Fonthill"

Misener, Walter - Monday May 28, 1934
"Walter Misener of Wellandport funeral today"

Craig, Mrs. Nat - Tuesday June 26, 1934
"got word of the death of Mrs. Nat Craig"

Matthews, George - Tuesday August 7, 1934
"Geo Matthews' funeral today. He was the second husband of a Collard girl, her first husband was Mr. Fraser"

Thomas, Sarah - Friday August 17, 1934
"Sarah Thomas buried today in Presbyterian church yard, aged 69 years"

Shockly, Ella - Monday January 7, 1935
"Dutch Billy Thomas was in to tell us that Ella Shockly is dead in Rhode Island"

MacGregor, Mrs. A. S. (nee Robertson) - Sunday March 10, 1935
"Mrs. A.S. MacGregor, Jenet's sister, died in London, Ontario today"

Young, Mrs Alva - Friday March 15, 1935
"Mrs. Alva Young reported dead at St. Catharines"

McMan, Leslie - Wednesday July 17, 1935
"Leslie McMan killed at Thorold"

Spencer, Mrs. Marvin - Thursday September 12, 1935
"Mrs. Marvin Spencer died last night"

Young, Ira Elmore - Tuesday October 22, 1935
"Ira Young's funeral was today at Hamilton"

Stark, Bruce - Sunday November 10, 1935
"Bruce Stark died tonight about 1/2 7"

Wednesday November 13, 1935
"we were down to Bruce Stark's funeral in the afternoon"