Manlius, Onondaga, NY
Mysteries of the family;

George EVERINGHAM & Louisa of Onondaga,NY
Theodore & Louisa of Onondaga, NY

are they the same person?, 2nd marriages?

Research and Speculation from:
Kevin Everingham, 2003-2011

Questions & Ideas:

This family has been haunting me for years,... and I can't seem to figure out if this is one family, or two, a second marriage of Louisa or a totally different Louisa. possibilities include:

  1. all the same family (I'm leaning towards this for now)
  2. 2 different families
  3. Louisa married brothers or cousins
  4. Theodore Orville Everingham just went by George in 1900????... if so, why?
I have gone over this issue for several years and it's mysterious but it looks like Theodore went by the name Theodore and George although that seems very strange. Theodore's father was named George.

CENSUS data:

    1860 Manlius, Onondaga, NY, Theodore Evringham, 12 (b.~1848)
    1870 Dewitt, Onondaga, NY, Theodore Everingham, 24 (b.~1846) living with the Jonathan Steggall family as farm labor.
    1880 Fayetteville, Onondaga, NY Theadore Evingham 30 b.NY drives team, (b.~1850)
    Lovica Evingham, wife, 28, b.NY, keeps house (b.~1852)
    George Evingham, son, 14, at home (b.~1866)
    Winnie Evingham, dau, 8 b.NY (b.~1872)
    Orville Evingham, son, 3m b.NY (b.~1880)

    1892 State Census, Manlius, NY Theodore, 45, laborer,.. Louisa A. 47, George 27, Winnie 21, Orva 12 foundryman, Ella 10, Millard 5, Lesley R. 1

    1898 Enumeration of Manlius, NY lists the family as: EVERINGHAM, Theodore, EVERINGHAM, Mrs. Theo., EVERINGHAM, Ella L., EVERINGHAM, George E., EVERINGHAM, Leslie R., EVERINGHAM, Millard T. , EVERINGHAM, Orville C.

    in 1900 I find no Theodore! This is where the mystery starts:
    1900 Manlius, Onondaga NY

  • George Everingham, b.1847, married 36 years! (married abt 1864)
  • Louisa mother of 6, all living, b.1850 m.36 years.
  • George, son, b.1866
  • Orville, son, b.1881
  • Ella, dau, b.1882
  • Millard, son b.1887
  • L. Ray, son b.1891

    1910 Manlius, Onondaga,NY

  • Theodore 62, (b.~1848)
  • Louisa A. 58, (b.~1852)
  • George 44, (b.~1866)
  • Ella 26, (b.~1884)
  • Roy 18, (b.~1892) could be a typo of "RAY"

    during all of this time, I don't find a George Everingham around Manlius, Onondaga, NY the right age to fit in at all except in the 1900 census.

    1920 Manlius, Onondaga, NY Census, Lovisa A. Everingham 65, widowed, George E., son 50,.. Raymond, son, 27...This CENSUS tells us that Theodore had died by 1920 and their first born "George" was only 15 years younger than his mother!...This agrees with the 1900 Census where they say they were married abt 1864, Louisa would have been 14 to 15 years old when they married!... This census also suggests that Leslie Ray's full name was; Leslie Raymond Everingham.

Other Records:

  • According to the Manlius NY Death index, A George Everingham died at age 62 in Manlius in 1931 (born abt 1868) This would be close to the age of Theodore & Louisa's son George.
  • According to the Manlius NY Death index, Lovisa Trumbull Everingham died at age 77 in 1931, noted as widow of Theodore of Manlius.
  • According to the Manlius NY Death index, Theodore Everingham died at age 68 at Manlius in 1916. (born abt 1848)
    notice there is no GEORGE Everingham who was born around 1847.
  • 1904, According to the Marriage of Orville, his parents Theodore Orville Everingham, & Lovica Ann Trumple
  • Manlius Cemetery lists Theodore & Louisa together.

    So,... it appears that Theodore & Louisa Everingham lived in Manlius, Onondaga, NY...and maybe at times, Theodore went by the name GEORGE?... His father's name was George.... All quite confusing.

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