. Compiled 1917 Directory

Name, Occupation, Address

In some cases,
a number of children
are listed after the spouse.

a great family research tool!

NOTE: Spouses are listed in (brackets)


Everingham, ArthurfarmerR1 Manlius Man 120
Everingham, Arthur B.
farmerR5 Syracuse Ono 76
Everingham, Bert
(Inez) 1ch
toolmakerR2 Fayetteville Man 83
Everingham, Chas.
lawyerR2 Fayetteville Man 86
Everingham, Ella--Pleasant St. Manlius
Everingham, George ret Pleasant St. Manlius
Everingham, George H.
(Algena) 3 ch
farmerR3 La Fayette La Fa 84
Everingham, Harry
(Ira M.)1 ch
farmerR1 Manlius Man 120
Everingham, Ira
laborerWashington St. Manlius
Everingham, Jerry
laborerOrchard St. Fayetteville
Everingham, Millard
(Mabel)2 ch
machinistR1 Manlius 119
Everingham, M. E.
merchantGenesee St. Fayetteville
Everingham, Robt. A.
(Lida) 1 ch
farmerR5 Syracuse Ono 76
Everingham, RoymachinistPleasant St. Manlius
Everingham, SamuelfarmerR1 Manlius 120
Everingham, Mrs. T.housekeeperPleasant St. Manlius
Everingham, William F.
farmerR3 La Fayette La Fa 78

abbreviations: (name if brackets)=spouse., ch=child/children.

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