Everingham Family History Public Record Reprint

Court Record of
Matthew Everingham
England 1784

(notes from the Internet)

Tried by a London jury before Mr. Rose at Justice Hall in the Old Bailey at the sessions which began Wednesday, 7th July 1784.

(Matthew James Everingham - indicted, for being a profligrate person on the 17th of June,...did falsely pretend to Owen Owens, servant to Samuel Sheperd -Esquire, in the middle Temple, that he was sent to Mr Shepherd, from Mr. Clermont's for "Burn's Justice" or "Compton's Practice" meaning certain books, by which he obtained the same books, value 10s. the property of Samuel Shepherd, whereas he was not sent with that message.)

"Guilty". Transported to Australia aboard the "Scarborough" (first fleet 1788)
term 7 years. (normal term for Australian exile)
Matthew remained in Australia and the majority of Everingham's in Australia today are descendants of Matthew.

Matthew, who became a police constable before serving his full sentence, is said to have built the first hotel in Wyong Creek (NSW). A few years later it was washed away by massive floods. Matthew is a celebrated historical figure in early Australian cultural and colonial history. Matthew's story was featured, and his descendants were discussed in a 1988 National GeographicTM Magazine.

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