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How To Submit a
of your life or a family member.

TAKE TIME, even after you write it, read it over & over and add to it as memories come to you... Then, follow a simple outline, possibly like the one below:

  1. Introduce yourself, or the family member you are writing about.
  2. Where were you (they) born & raised. Describe area & times.
  3. Any early memories of youth? (trouble or best of times) & Education
  4. Explain your (their) family (Grandparents, Parents, siblings, etc.)
  5. Who did you (they) marry? Who are the spouses family members?
  6. Work, Military, Career & life experiences
  7. Life achievements, awards, goals met, brushes with fame, etc.
  8. Philosophy of life, Values, things thankful for, etc.
  9. Looking to the future
  10. Summary Paragraph

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