Everingham Family History Public Record Reprint

"Sarah E. Everingham / Mary (Stultz) Everingham",
excerpt from; Genealogical and Personal Memorial
of Mercer County, New Jersey pg. 594

son, Stephen West, also a farmer, who had a son names James West, who married Lucy Sprouls, and had children: 1. George A., see forward. 2. Thomas, married Mary Fisher, and had a child, Emma, who died at the age of sixteen years.

George A. West, eldest child of James and Lucy (Sprouls) West, was born in Wrightsville, November 21, 1835. He was the owner of a large farm in Milford, Mercer county, New Jersey, which he cultivated very successfully. He married Elizabeth Palmer, and had children: 1. Lucy, married William Olden, has one child, Winifred. 2. Nellie, died at the age of twenty years. 3. James, twin of Clayton Palmer West, married Stella Comp, and has children: Thomas and Herbert. 4. Clayton Palmer, see forward. 5. Albert, married Mary Hall, has children: Helen, Elizabeth. 6. C. Packer, married Gertrude South, no issue. 7. Edward L., married Lottie Weed, has children: Ruth and Julia. 8. Mary, unmarried.

Clayton Palmer West, twin son of George A. and Elizabeth (Palmer) West, was born in Milford, Mercer county, New Jersey, October 28, 1867. He was educated in the public schools of his native district, and then commenced to assist his father in the work on the home farm. He was thus occupied until he had attained the age of twenty-one years, when he established himself, and went to Wallingford for one year. He subsequently spent one year in Yardville, and then found employment with John Hulse, where he remained for a period of ten years. This was on a farm of about one hundred acres, devoted to general products. At the expiration of this time he purchased the Mount Hendrickson farm, consisting of one hundred and thirty acres, which he proceeded to cultivate in a progressive and systematic manner. So successful has he been in this undertaking, that he is now considered one of the most prosperous farmers of Hamilton township. He raises fruit, berries, and general farming products, for which he finds a ready and profitable market. In addition to this he has an extensive dairy farm, and a fine herd of Holstein cattle. He takes an earnest interest in all matters that concern the public welfare, and gives his political support to the Democratic and Independent parties. He is a consistent member of the Methodist church. He is also associated with the Allentown Grange, and with the Allentown Junior Order of United American Mechanics.

Mr. West married, February 18, 1890, Emma Jane Nutt, born December 21, 1870, daughter of Samuel H. and Sarah E. (Everingham) Nutt, the latter the daughter of Pierson and Mary (Stultz) Everingham. Samuel H. Nutt was the grandson of Samuel and Cornelia (Fowler) Nutt, and the son of Nathan Nutt, born January 8, 1806, and Ann Elizabeth (Voorhees) Nutt, born December 17, 1810, daughter of Cornelius and Mary (Cubberly) Voorhees. Nathan and Ann Elizabeth (Voorhees) Nutt had children: Samuel H., born February 14, 1831; Mary Ellen, born August 29, 1833; Joseph H., born April 14, 1835; Allinson E., born June 19, 1837; Theodosia V., born February 27, 1839; Albert R., born April 11, 1841; Cornelia Ann, born July 20, 1843; Sarah M., born July 20, 1845; Cornelia, born April 1, 1847. Samuel H. and Sarah E. (Everingham) Nutt had children: 1. Clark V., married Clara Chapman, had children: Genevieve and Charles. 2. Pierson E., married Mary Harris, has children: William, married Mary E. Reed; and Bessie. 3. Cora, married Frank Harris, and has children: Leon and Emerson. 4. Emma Jane, married Clayton Palmer West, as previously stated. The children of Mr. and Mrs. West are: Maud C., Mattie H., May L., Mabel V., Mollic A., Neal E., Merrill and Mildred.

WILLIAM CADY, one of the oldest residents of Hamilton Square, Mercer county, New Jersey, who has been closely identified with the manufacturing interests of the country in various parts of the United States, and who is one of the largest tax payers in the county, is a descendant of a family whose earliest member is this country was among the first settlers, and came from England.

(I) Jonathan Cady, great-grandfather of William Cady, was born in England, died in Windham county, Connecticut. He was one of three brothers who emigrated from England and settled in Brooklyn, Windham county, Connecticut. He married Hannah Darley.

(II) John Cady, son of Jonathan and Hannah (Darley) Cady, was born in Brooklyn, Windham county, Connecticut, April 5, 1723, died June 30, 1805. He married Deborah Benjamin, who attained the advanced age of ninety-seven years and nine months, and they had children: A daughter who lived to be ninety-eight years of age.


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