Everingham Family History Public Record Reprint

Will from: Warren County
Courthouse, Lebanon, Ohio
parts of original will is unreadable -(noted below)

(....?)Name of God Amen I Nathaniel Evernham of the State of Ohio, County of Butler and Township of Lemon calling to (......?) The mortallity of my body that shortly I must die and (........?) of perfect mind and menory I constitute this my last will and testament in premise I give my soul to god who (........?) it me my body to the dust hoping that God will in the (...?) of the ressurection raise it a glorious body and unite soul and body and receive them unto thefull enjoyment of his blessings in glory through the worthiness of our Lord Jesus Christ as to the interment of my body I leve to the descresion of my friends and executors hereafter named.
Item I will that all my debts and funeral charges be first paid.
Item I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Rachel Evernham on cow to live in the house wheare I now live and ten bushels of wheat and twenty bushels of corn yearly two hundred weight of pork yearly and her firewood found her at her love and the keeping of one cow, one bed with sufficient beding for a change with the hole of my household furniture for her one(own?) proper used as she thinks best to leave it to her daughters that she had by me.
Item I give and bequeath to my son in law Jorge Hall, the use of the farm with my stock of cattel and horses and hogs and all my farmers utensals exept what I leave my wife which he must dowfor her as longe as she lives.
Item at the death of my wife I give and bequeath all my real and personall estate to my two daughters Lucy Hall and Eady Otman to be eaqually devided betwen them but if either of them should die before the devision should take place then to fall to there children.
Item I give all my wearing aperrel to my daughters sons. I also apoint my well beloved Benjamin Duboise Doctor and Jorge Hall my son in law, Executors to my Last Will and Testament confiding in them that they will do the best they can for my widow and children.

I declare this my last will and testament and revoke all others as null and void.
In Witness hereunto I have set my hand and seal this 26th day Januray One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ten.... 1810
signed with the "mark"
of Nathaniel Everingham
Witness Present

Timothy Robbiens
Rory Clay



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