Everingham Family History Public Record Reprint

James Everingham Biography

by Grant Hayes, 2004.

James was born on July 15,1845 at Alton, Illinois, the first child of William and Elizabeth Everingham. His father was born in 1823 in Willoughby Township, Welland County, Ontario, Canada (near the Niagara Falls). James' mother was born in 1823 in Ohio. William's family had migrated to Freeport, Illinois in 1839. William and Elizabeth had married there in 1844 and James was born as they were moving with the grandparents, further West.
In 1846 James' parents and grandparents (Jacob and Margaret Everingham) bought land in Dubuque County, Iowa and farmed near Cascade, Iowa. In 1854 James parents and grandparents relocated once more to Utica Township, Chickasaw County, Iowa. Each bought farmland and proceeded to establish new farms. James grew up on his Father's farm from the ages of 9 to 15.

With the outbreak of the Civil War, James' father (Pvt-Co.I 9th IOWA Infantry) enlisted in September,1861. He was 38 years old and had seven children at home and one on the way. Like his father, James enlisted on April 18,1862 for three years service in the Regulars, as a Private in Co.B, 2nd Battalion, 16th U.S.Infantry. He lied about his age, he was 15 years old, not the required 18 years of age. He enlisted at Lansing, Iowa.
James' Uncle, Barsnett Dell Everingham, also enlisted as a Volunteer for three years. He served first as a Sgt. in Co..I, 38th Regiment, Iowa Infantry and later as a 2nd Lt. in Co.F, 34th Regiment, Iowa Infantry. His war campaigns included: the Siege of Vicksburg; Expedition to Jackson, Mississippi; Pusuit of General Johnson; Capture of Brownsville, Texas; Siege of Fort Morgan, Mobile Bay; and the Battle of Blakely, Alabama. Barsnett was discharged in September,1865 at Davenport Iowa.
William Everingham fought in the Battles of Nubbin Ridge and Pea Ridge in Arkansas. During the Pea Ridge campaign) William suffered exhaustion and collapsed and was hospitalized until his discharge in October,1862 at St. Louis, Missouri. He returned to his father's farm in Utica Township.
James served out his full three year enlistment and was honorably discharged on April 18,1865 at Lookout Mountain,Tennesse, whereupon he returned to his father's Utica Township in Chickasaw County, Iowa.

It should be noted that when James was three, in 1849, James' father and grandfather led a wagon train out from Iowa to the California Gold Fields. Apparently they didn't stay too long (we think one year) because they were soon back farming in Chickasaw County and are both listed in the 1860 U.S.Census in Iowa.

On October 30th,1870 James married a neighbor, Margaret Allison Wright, who already had one child Jennie from a brief previous marriage to one William P. Wright. James and Margaret were married at New Hampton, Iowa. They had 4 children together, all born in Utica Township; William (Will) Joseph b.1872, Margaret Elizabeth (Lizzie) b.1873, Minnie b.1879, and Sarah Ellen (Sadie) b.1881. James was listed as a farmer owning land in the 1880 US Census.
In the summer of 1885, James went to Missouri by himself. He had written to his wife suggesting she sell the stock and come down where he was and buy herself a house. The economy was not favorable and the crops were poor as well. Instead, in 1886 Margaret took her four Everingham children and went with Horace Parrott to Kellogg, Minnesota. Horace rented a small farm/house for the family group on a hillside above the Zumbro River about one mile from town. Horace and Margaret had a daughter Edna, b.1886. Chickasaw County records show James divorced Margaret in 1888. Horace and Margaret had a second child, Raymond Nelson, b.1889 at Kellogg, Minnesota.
Sometime before 1898, James applied for, and received, a Veteran's Pension from the Government. The 1900 US Census found James to be living alone in Little Texas Township, Craighead County, Arkansas, age 55, widowed, occupation: railroad tie maker.
In 1907 James applied/reapplied for a Veteran's Pension. He was then living in the National Military Home, Leavenworth, Kansas. He died December 15,1910 and was buried in the Leavenworth National Cemetary in Kansas.
Most data about James comes from official documents as he had so little contact with his Family.

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