Everingham Family History Public Record Reprint

Transcribed by Kevin Everingham, 2004

Henry Getty, general superintendent of the salt works of the New River Salt Block Company, was born in the State of New York, March 20, 1835, and is the son of Robert and Harriet Getty.
Mr. Getty was married Sept. 28, 1856 to Elizabeth Pulling. Following is the record of their children: Hattie F, born July 24, 1858, was married Jan 6, 1881, to Eugene Everingham. Bertha M., born July 16, 1861, was married July 25, 1878, to Milo Kelley. Jennie, born Sept. 12, 1862, married Alexander McFadden, Feb. 28, 1881. William H. was born April 29, 1864; George, born Aug. 26, 1865, died Oct 24, 1872; Frankie was born June 13, 1870; Alice was born Sept. 23, 1872.
Mrs. Getty was born June 22, 1836, in Patworth, Sussex Co., Eng., and is the daughter of Richard and Fanny Gertrude (Holden) Pulling. Her father was born Jan 11, 1791, in Brighton, Eng., an died April 19, 1874. Her mother was born Aug. 23, 1806, and died May 14, 1850.
Mr. Getty owns a farm of 40 acres, which he purchased in 1872, in a wholly wild and unimproved state. It is nearly all fitted for tillage. It is situated in Dwight Township.
He is a Republican and has discharged the duties of several school offices.

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