Everingham Family History Public Record Reprint

Ebenezer Baptist Church
Records; 1836 - 1837

Organized in 1836

August 20, 1836 Church meet in due order
1st Recieved by letter Lurany Thomas Now Thompson also Mary Mathews by her letter.
2nd On motion resolved to unite with the Columbus Association as a Componant Member of that body.
3rd Called for the Columbus constitution which was read and adopted as the Constitution of this church by adoption.
4th Delegated Brethren Eli F. Walker, Levi L. Walker and in case of failure Bro. Robert Wall to represent us in the Apociation(Association) at its next meeting
5th Apointed I.D. Zeun? to write the letter for the association.
6th Agreed to send one dollar for Ministry.
Samuel Douglas CCk.
Our brethren who were delegated to go to the afsociation (association) to represent us failed to attend. So we are not as yet connected to any association.
Absolom Funderburk C. Ck.

Georgia, Sumter County, The Baptist Church Ebenezer, meet in conference 14th January 1837. Elder J J Battle, moderator, when a door being opened for the reception members when Brother Thomas Evinham, Sister Mary, Sister Phebe and sister Charlotte Evinham and Brother Lewis Evinham{an ordained minister of the gospel} all came forward and were recieved by letter.
2nd On motion the church went into a choice of a man to supply us as a pastor for the year when elder J J Battle were the choice Done in and by order of the church in conference John Monte Clk Protem

The information above seems to show some of this Everingham family listed were being accepted as church members and were likely one family. The terms "brother" or "sister" could certainly mean brother or sister of the church, or it could mean actual siblings. It is also VERY possible that THOMAS and MARY were the parents of Phebe, Charlotte & Lewis which also looks very probable based on census data.

The Baptist Church at Ebenezer Sumter Co. Georgia met in conference Saturday before the 3rd Lord's Day in February 1837
1st Rec'd by letter Sister Sarah Clark
2nd On Motion Brother Battle then answering the church agreeable to their call by accepting the pastorial charge for another year Agrud(agreed) and signed by order
Lewis Evingham Clk Protum

July 15th 1837

Church meet in conference Elder Lewis Evingham Moderator

1st Opened a door for the reception of members when recieved by experience of grace Malissa Allen into the full fellowship of the church.
2nd On motion the church went into the choice of a pastor when Elder Jessee M. Davis was the unanimous voat of the church.
3rd Resovled the brethren Lewis Eviningham, Levi L. Walker, E.F. Walker and a. Burk be a committee to _?_ on Jessee M. Davis to know of him whether he will suply us for this year 1837.
4th Resolved to defer baptism until the protracted meeting in August.
Signed by order of the church A.Funderburk CClk

August met in Conference, Saturday before 2nd Sunday 1837 Jessee M. Davis Moderator
1st Elder Jessee M. Davis accepted of the call of the church
2nd Resolved to unite with the Bethell Apociation(Association)
delligated our beloved Brethren Elder Lewis L. Eveningham, Levi L. Walker and in case of failure Eli F. Walker to bare the letter.

Appointed Lewis L. Eveningham to write the letter.
Signed by order of the church L.L. Eveningham C.Clk Prom

September church met in order 1837, Lewis Evenham moderator

Opened a door for the reseption of members when recieved by Experience Eli Smith and Mary Watson, wife of Bro. Lot Watson.
Sunday morning recieved by experience _?_ Araminta Walker.
A. Funderburk CClk

December 8th 1837
Church met in Conference L.L. Evenham moderator
1st on motion the church held an election for a pastor for the next year when Elder Jessee M. Davis was unanimously the choice of the church.
On motion the church granted letters of dismission to the following members: _?_ Catharine Jackson, Brite Watson, Mary Watson, Henry Ellison, Parisade Elison, Thomas Reyny, Elder Lewis L. Evininham, Martha Evininham, Thomas Evininham, Mary Evininham, Members dismissed Phebe Eveninham, Charlott Evininham

These church meeting notes appear to show that Thomas, Mary, Phoebe, Charlotte & Lewis Everingham became members of this church in January 1837. One way of becoming members of a church is by presenting Letters of Dismission from a sister church. These letters afforded satisfactory proof of the Christian character and standing of individuals. So, it appears that the Everinghams of this church were moving to a new church in December 1837. These are the same people listed as siblings in January 1837 with "Martha" added to the list. Elder Lewis L. Everingham had married Martha Green in February 1837.

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