Riverside Cemetery
Rt.166 & Old Freehold Rd., Toms River, New Jersey
known Everingham's as of June 2000

Information gathered by: Tom Phillips, PA

Name on the Stonedate on stone
Jesse P. Evernham
Laura M. Evernham (wife of Jesse)
Benjamin A. Evernham
Mary J. Evernham (wife of Benjamin)
April 9, 1861 - May 20, 1929
Feb 9, 1858 - October 28,1915
Raymond L. EvernhamApril 16, 1888 - February 10, 1930
Martha E. EvernhamFebruary 15, 1869 - Feb. 10, 1964
Clara B. EvernhamNovember 29, 1891, November 30, 1944
Rilla E. (Evernham) Irons1893-1971
Cecil Irons1892-1976
Thomas G. Phillips1931-1988
There are many other names associated with the Everinghams in this cemetery A few names are; Giberson, Imlay, Mott, Britton, Matthews, Applegate, Cranmer
The Motts who are buried here were all born in the early 1800s and it is listed on their graves that they were born (and some died) in New York City. The reason this is important is due to this; James Everingham who married Avis Mott in 1816 has never been associated or identified with any other Everingham family group. After viewing the Motts in this location I would say that James is related to the Toms River NJ Everinghams as opposed to any other group.