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Stainborough Hall
AKA "Wentworth Castle"
The Oldest "Known" Everingham Estate

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People have been living around the site where Wentworth Castle "the name it is known as today" is located since the Iron Age. However, the earliest record of people living on this site can be found in the census returns of 1066 otherwise known as the "Doomsday Book". The estate then came under the manorial lordship of the De Lacey family whose main power base was at Pontefact in West Yorkshire. All that remains of the Norman period is a small arch situated in the Stable Block of Home Farm. Apart from this sole remaining primary source little is known about the estate and life here until the middle of the thirteenth century.

Everingham Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
From the mid 13th century (mid 1200s or earlier),... Stainborough Hall was occupied by the Everingham family that descended from John de Everingham (currently his date of birth/death are unknown). In 1610 the Everingham / Eyre descendants sold the estate to Thomas Cutler for a sum of around 3,000. Uncertainty surrounded the future of the Cutler family when during the English Civil war Sir Greaves Cutler died at the siege of Pontefract Castle leaving heavy debts. However, The family gradually recovered its losses and re-built Stainborough Hall in 1670-72. By 1708 the family again found themselves in debt and this time Stainborough Hall was put up for sale.

wentworth castle at Stainborough
In 1727 the site's owner, Thomas Wentworth set about building the mock castle. The site where the castle is located is of significant historical importance since it lies on the site of an Iron Age hill fort that was converted by the Norman Lords into a motte-and bailey castle. In 1734 the castle was complete and Stainborough Hall became Wentworth Castle.

Wentworth Castle Wentworth Castle was sold when the family could no longer take care of it's upkeep and became a teacher training college from 1948-1978. In 1978 the estate became the Northern College.

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