Research of the
ZERBA family of Michigan
formerly of; Indiana, Ohio & Pennsylvania
Research of Kevin Everingham, 2005-2012

I am fairly sure that (my wife's family) "ZERBA" can be traced back with almost certainty to Isaac Zerba & Sarah Hughey of Ohio, who brought their familiy to Algansee, Branch County, Michigan. Isaac is noted in some records as born in Ohio and other records as born in Pennsylvania. His death certificate lists his father's name as: Jacob Zerba born in Pennsylvania. The following information was also found about Isaac;

LESTER CEMETERY at Algansee Township, Branch County, Michigan
Isaac Zerba (1825-1895),... Sarah Hughey Zerba (d.1910)... Samantha Zerba (1852-1874)

The Coldwater Republican Newspaper,
Vol IV No.76 Coldwater, MI, Friday, April 18, 1879 #388
Isaac Zerby is 45 years of age, was born in Cuyahoga County Ohio, and moved to Indiana when he was only ten years old. Located in Steuben County, Indiana, where for a time they saw pretty close times. For nine weeks the family, consisting of 11 persons; lived in a temporary shanty constructed by laying a pole from one tree to another and then setting up boards against that. For three weeks, while they were living in this crude building, the whole family were sick, not one being able to help another. Mr. Z. has lived in Algansee 13 years. The maiden name of Mrs. Zerby was Hughey; she was born in Ohio, was married 30 years ago, since which time the hue and cry of six little Zerbys has occupied her attention.

1880 CENSUS of Algansee, Branch County, MI
Isaac Zerba, 55, born in OH, farmer, father born in PA, Sarah, wife, age 49, born in OH, Sarah C., daughter, 17, born in IN, Melvin E., son, age 14, born in MI, James J., son, age 10, born in MI, Nellie J., dau, age 7, born in MI.

by these two sources (above), it sounds like Isaac was born in Ohio, but his death certificate in 1895 says he was born in Pennsylvania.... Also of interest is the fact that in 1860 CENSUS of Fremont, Steuben, Indiana, Isaac & Sarah were living next door to; Joseph & Rosanna Hughey.

So, we are looking for an Isaac Zerba born about 1825 in Ohio OR Pennsylvania. Our Isaac most likely had a father named "Jacob" born in PA.

1850 CENSUS I found the following 7 Isaac's; (so far)

(#1) Isaac Zerby 20, "born abt 1830" in PA was living with Peter & Leah Livengood in Tulpehocken, Berks, PA.

(#2) Isaac Zerby 8, "born abt. 1842" in PA was living with his parents; Augustus & Elizabeth Zerby and other siblings in Upper Heidelberg, Berks, PA... This Isaac is way too young to be a match!

(#3) Isaac Zerbe 23, "born abt 1827" in PA... living with; Jacob Zerbe 61, Susan Zerbe 60, (both born in PA), Samuel Zerbe 20, William Zerbe 17,... and; Mary, Anna & Isaac Dautrich (all 3 teenage)... This group seems like a possible match. They lived at Brecknock, Berks County, PA. This is likely the Isaac Zerbe (b.3 Nov 1826, d.12 April 1908 who is buried at the Old Allegheny Union Cemetery, Mohnton, Berks, PA. Father; Jacob Zerbe is also buried there (1789-1862) and wife Susana Henninger Zerbe (1790-1867). Since this Isaac is buried in PA, he is likely not the one who moved to Ohio and Michigan.

(#4) Isaac Zerbe 32, "born abt. 1818" in PA... living at Mill Creek, Lebanon, PA... with a wife; Mary 30, & Willaby 11... and a John Filbert 1y. .... This Isaac does not look like a match and was older.

(#5) Isaac S. Zerby 14, "born abt. 1836" in Alabama, was living at Fayette County, Alabama... This is almost certainly the wrong Isaac due to location and age.

(#6) Isaac Zerbe 20, "born abt. 1830" in Ohio.. living at Osnaburg, Stark County, Ohio with sibling and parents; Jacob Zerbe 49 and Susanna Zerbe 41. This looks like a very possible match ... it is known that this Isaac Zerbe born 1830 in OHIO and This Jacob (born about 1801) married Susanna Hartman in 1826 at Stark Co. OH and had at least 10 children.... One problem is, other Zerbe family research shows that this Isaac married someone else, NOT Sarah Hughey!

(#7) Isaac Zerbe 30, born in Ohio abt 1820,... lived with Asa Allen 24 and several other people at Eel, Cass, Indiana. This is a possibility and fits with the Michgian artile listed above. This should be very close to the time Isaac married Sarah, but she is not listed in this Census. His age also seems a little off for this to be the right Isaac.

From the 1850 Census data, it is only likely that Isaac #1, and #7 are the only possible matches (of the 1850 CENSUS found so far).... we will need to research more of those to find possible connections in 1860 or possibly census data prior to 1850 (if those exist). We do know that OUR Isaac shows up in the 1860 Census of Fremont, Steuben, INDIANA, as shown below;

1860 CENSUS more ZERBA research to come.

1860 CENSUS of Fremont twp, Steuben County, Indiana
Isaac Zerba, 35,online transcription of this CENSUS shows Isaac's age 45 Sarah, 30, Joseph C., 10, Samantha O. 8, Nancy, 5. Living next door was Joseph & Rosanna Hughey. This is almost certainly the correct Isaac Zerba.

other Isaac's (NOT our Isaac) in 1860 census Index;

  • Isaac Zerbey (born abt. 1815 OH) living at Seneca, OH.
  • Isaac Zerbe (born abt. 1831 PA) living at Berks Co. PA.
  • Isaac Zerbe (born abt. 1860 PA) living at Berks Co. PA.
  • Isaac Zerbe (born abt. 1829 PA) living at Berks Co. PA.
  • Isaac Zerbe (born abt. 1841 PA) living at Berks Co. PA.
  • Isaac Zerbey (born abt. 1834 PA) living at Northumberland, PA.
  • Isaac Zerbe (born abt. 1851 PA) living at Schuylkill, PA.
  • Isaac Zerbe (born abt. 1847 PA) living at Schuylkill, PA.

    1840 CENSUS I found this Jacob; (I believe this is the father of Isaac Zerbe)
    It should be noted that CENSUS data prior to 1850 was not as helpful with family research because entire family members in each household was not recorded until 1850. Remember in the Michigan article listed above, they say Isaac moved to Steuben County, Indiana when he was 10 (around 1835), presumably with his father "Jacob".

    1840 CENSUS Millgrove Township, Steuben County, Indiana (Page 113)... Jacob Zerbe, no age or other detail given. all other neighboring families listed on the same page of this census: Luther, John H... Luck, John,.. Newton, Nelson,.. Stocker, John,.. Stocker, George,.. Stocker, Leland H... Barry, Thomas.. Sanders, Samuel,.. Iuimmess, John Since I am fairly sure this Jacob Zerbe is the correct Jacob in the 1840 Census of Steuben, IN,.. and Isaac Zerba is the correct Isaac in the 1860 census of Steuben County, IN... it is most probable that they will be found in Steuben, Indiana in an 1850 Census.

    1830 CENSUS There are 2 Jacob's in 1830, living in Ohio.

    1830 CENSUS Royalton, Cuyahoga County, OH, listed "John Zerbe" and "Jacob Zerbe".
    1830 CENSUS Plain, Wayne County, OH lists a "Jacob Zerby".
    Either could be the correct Jacob, but refer once again to the 1879 Michigan article that says Isaac (son of Jacob) was born in Cuyagoga, Ohio (about 1825). This means that the first CENSUS is probably our correct Jacob Zerbe, and he was living near a brother or parent "John Zerbe".

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