Everingham Family History Record Reprint... (c)May 2003

SHARE & COLE Family of NY

Bible published by Mathew Carey,
122 Market St., PA, 1811
items in red may be misspelled & were hard to read.
The information below was transcribed from 4 pages.


Married Daniel Share to Sarah Vroman in Niscauna, March 10th 1792.

Married Calvin Cole to Isabella Share in Pompey, Jan 1st, 1817.

Married Quartus Baker to Elizabeth Share in Pompey, July 4th 1820

Married Andrew Share to V*sl**y Hall in Lafeyette November 12th in the year of our lord 1829.

Married William V. Share to Lucretta D. Hine in Pompey on the 7th of February 1838.


William Vroman died in the year of our Lord 1812, in the 95th year of his age.

Isabella Vroman died Sept 2f8th in the year of our Lord 1838 in 90th year of her age.

Andrew Share died Aug. 7, 1803 in the 10th year of his age.

Kathrine Share died November 23 1803.

Maria Share died September 16th A.D. 1843.

Daniel Share died January 4th A.D. 1850, aged 85.

Sarah Share died September 13th 1856, aged 88.

Hundoon Backus died Dec 12th 1839, aged 33.

Angeline ** died Feb 4th 1843, aged 23 years.

Calvin Cole died Feb 16th 1865, aged 69.

Susan Share died Sept 18, 1867, aged 56.

Betsey Baker died Nov 2nd, aged 71.


Sofia? Angeline Cole was born May 9th in the year 1819 on Sunday.

Jennett Cole was born April 30th 1822 on Monday

Elizabeth A. Cole was born July 22, 1824 on Wednesday.

George C. Cole was born January 1, 1829 on Sunday.

Daniel Share was born in the year of our Lord 1767.

Sarah Share was born February 7th in the year of our Lord 1774.

Andrew Share was born May 16th 1793 on Friday.

Isabella Share was born November 26? 1795 on Monday.

Elizabeth Share was born August 5th, 1801 on Wednesday.

Katherine Share was born October 15th 1803 on Saturday.

Andrew Share was born April 25/26? 1805 on Friday.

Mariah Share was born Febuary 8th 1807 on Sunday.

Susannah Share was born August 24th 1812 on Monday.

William Vroman Share was born May 29th 1816 on Wednesday.

Daniel Jeremiah Share was born Oct 1st, 1818 on Thursday.

see obituary info below

The last date entry in this Bible was Susan Share - 1867, however the final death entry was Betsey Baker who may have been Elizabeth "Betsey" Share who married Quartus Baker, if so, calculated by her age given, the final Bible entry was 1872.
Also found in this family bible was a Postcard to Janette Cole of Marshall, Calhoun, MI postmarked Aug 6, 1879. A child's portrait of Linus A. Share, An 1837 Onondaga County Court summons for Daniel Share to appear to answer to a plea of William Vroman. | Jeremiah D. Share's 1902 obituary, And,.. A 1893 Kindergarten notice and dance class notice of Damia L. Everingham, her parents were Francis Everingham & Damia Cole (b.1842).

Original Bible owned by Kevin Everingham, obtained at auction 2003.