Everingham Family History Record Reprint... (c)Jan 2002


Bible published by World Publishing Co.,
Cleveland, OH (no date found)
inside presentation page: Presented to Leora Everingham
by Dale Everingham Dec 25th 1961

NOTE: obviously, dates were not recorded until December 1961.
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below are Notes, that did not appear in the original Bible.


Daleford R. Everingham, age 20 married Leora Morgan, age 16 on the 25th day of June in the year of our Lord 1928 at South Allis Township by Fred Truax. Witness Vern Covell, Witness Fern Tucker.

written on blank page; Raymond D. Everingham's sisters + brother;
Viola born Feb 18 1907 Turner, died Nov 2nd 1907, Onaway. death records actually show 1906 for both years not 1907. Freda Eunice, born July 25 1910 Onaway, died Sept 6th 1911 Onaway. Clifford Elmer born July 23 1917 Onaway, married Theal Neigh Jan 24, 1942.


Inez Marie Everingham m. Charles Bowers Dec 15, 1946

Lillian Ruth Everingham m. Don Harrison Dec 27, 1946.

Edith Arlene Everingham m. Joseph Prentler Apr 25, 1959

Eugene Dale Everingham m.Clara May Johnsen Dec 13 1958

Neva Mae Everingham m. Gerald Springsteen Sept 23(26th) 1959

Marvin Neil Everingham m. Claudette Platte Aug 13, 1966.


Father Charlie Everingham died Apr 10 1966. Mother Clara (Graves) Everingham died Feb 10 1969

Grandmother Louise Everingham died April 1, 1915.

Grandfather Sheldon H. Graves died Feb 22 Flint MI 1930.
Grandmother Catherine Ann Grogan died Mar 22 Flint, MI 1917.

Father William J. Morgan death Jan 18 1969. Mother Gertrude Beehler death Dec 29, 1951

Raymond D. Everingham d.Mar 15, 1974

Charles E. Bowers d.Mar 27, 1982


Raymond Daleford Everingham born Mar. 24, 1908

Father Charlie Everingham born
Nov 4 1884. Mother Clara (Graves) Everingham born Nov 4 1883.

Grandfather Ira Everingham born in York State
Grandmother Louise Everingham born Sept 25, 1858 Canada Census data gives an estimated date of birth of 1849 for Louisa.

Grandfather Sheldon H. Graves born April 19, 1858 Blenhem Ontario
Grandmother Catherine Ann Grogan born Jan 12, 1862 Leeds Co. Ontario

Leora Marie Morgan born Aug 26, 1911

Father William J. Morgan born June 13 1882. Mother Gertrude Beehler born May 22 1889.

Grandfather Joseph Morgan
Grandmother Sarah (Farnham) Morgan

Grandfather Frank Beehler
Grandmother Anna Beehler.

Inez Marie Everingham b.Feb 13, 1929.
Lillian Ruth Everingham b.May 14, 1930
Edith Arlene Everingham b.May 17, 1933
Eugene Dale Everingham b.Nov 19, 1937
Neva Mae Everingham b.Mar 15 1940
Marvin Neil Everingham b.Jan 2, 1944

Last Entry in Bible, 1982
Bible owned by Dale & Leora Everingham. Kevin Everingham currently has it.