Everingham Family History Record Reprint... (c)April 2004

Clayton Everingham
Family Bible

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Text in RED below are Notes, that
did not appear in the original Bible.
All inconsistencies in spelling, spacing, and
capitalization are as written in the Bible

Bible transcribed by:
Susan Danser


Clayton Evenham And Jane Dye Was Maried January 25th 1837

Clayton Evenham And Ann Elizabeth Lanning Was Maried December 18th 1839

Mr. Alex L. Evernham And Jane D. Evernham Was Maried June 10th 1858

Charles Everingham And Ann Elizabeth Huff Was Maried Nov. 21st 1872


Jane Dey Was Born Sept 24 1807

Clayton Evern ham Was Born August 19th 1811

Here there is an area that has been cut out, probably Ann Elizabeth Lanning's name.
Was Bornd June 7th 1816

Jane D. Evern ham Was Born December 23th 1838

William Henry harison Evern ham Was Born July 7th 1841

Charles Vandervere Evern ham Was bornd January 25th 1843 Vandervere is spelled Vanderveer in other documents.

Ann Elizabeth Huff Was Born July 3 1848

Adilaide Everingham Was Bornd July 20, 1873 Adilaide is spelled Adelaide in other documents.

Sarah E. P. Everingham Was born Nov. 3 1875

The above entries are all in the same handwriting, probably Clayton's. Sarah later went by her middle name, Emma.

Frederick Stuart Harder born Nov. 27, 1900

Gertrude Miller Harder born May 5, 1903

William Gerald Danser born July 13, 1925

The above entries are in (Sarah) Emma Everingham Harder's handwriting.


Jane Dye The Wife Off Clayton Evenham Departed This Life January 1th 1839

William Henry harison Departed This Life November 11th 1848

These are in Clayton's handwriting.

Elizabeth Laning Departed This Life April 24th 1872
Someone has penciled a zero over the 2 in the year of death. May be Clayton's writing. Elizabeth (Stults) Laning was Clayton's mother-in-law.

Clayton Everingham Departed this Life June 26th 1888.

Jane D. Everingham Departed This Life Sept. 5th 1892.

Ann Elizabeth Everingham Departed This Life Dec. 16th 1894

Unsure whose handwriting
these (above) are.

George W. Harder departed this life Feb. 21 1903

Frederick Stuart Harder departed this life May 10, 1903

These are in Emma Harder's handwriting.

Charles V. Everingham departed this life Aug 21 1923

Anna Elizabeth Everingham departed this life Aug 24th 1923

These are written sideways at the top of the page, in Emma Harder's handwriting.

Last Entry in Bible, 1925