Everingham Family History Record Reprint... (c)May 2008

New Jersey Family Bible

This Bible was Published by
Edward W. Miller, Philadelphia 1850

Bible transcribed by:
Kevin Everingham &
Sara Robbins Hoffman


George Heisler married Lydia Smith on December 23rd, 1826

Harriet S Heisler and George W. Spence married on December 24th, 1854

John S. Heisler and emily Runyan married on April 2nd, 1856.

Rhoda Heisler and Risdon Hankinson married on January 23rd, 1868

Mary F Heisler and John Hutchinson married on February 24th, 1864

Charles W Heisler and Abbie Bates married on June 7th, 1870

Julia Spence married Robert Melville on March 5th, 1891

Charles W Heisler and Sylvia Lewis? married on May 3rd, 1905

Carrie S. Spence married to Charles W. Everingham on March 17th 1886

Harry H. Everingham married to Eunice H. Chambers on June 30th, 1909

Louis B. Everingham married to Mary L. Gandy, November 4th 1919


Julia Spence was born August 17th 1856

Carrie S Spence born March 14th 1859

Lydia H Spence born March 10th 1861

Mary FH Spence born October 4th 1866

A?llan Heisler born July 4th 1857

George Heisler born May 11th 1860,
son of John S. Heisler

Charles P. Heisler born April 8 1871

Frank Heisler born March 7 1873

Risdon Hankinson born June 20 1821

George Spence born June 11 1829

John H Hutchinson born Sept 27 1834

Emily Runyan born November 30 1834

Abbie Bates born January 8 1840

Harry Heisler Everingham was born March 27th 1887 son of Carrie Everigham.

Louis B. Everingham was born Aug. 16th 1893 son of Carrie Everingham.

Eunice H. Chambers born March 1887.

Carolyn S. Everingham was born March 8, 1911. daughter of Harry

Winifred C. Everingham was born Feb. 1, 1912. daughter of Harry

loose pages/notes in the Bible. read:

George Heisler was born_____________.
Lydia Spence Wife of George Heisler was born 7th December 1768.
1. Daniel Heisler son of George and Lydia Heisler was Born September 17th 1797.
2. George Heisler Junior, Son of George & Lydia Heisler was Born 21st August 1800.
3. Lydia Heisler daughter of George & Lydia Heisler was Born 15th of February 1802.
4. Margaret Heisler daughter of George & Lydia Heisler was Born 4th July 1805
5. Sarah Heisler Daughter of George & Lydia Heisler was Born 24th of September 1808.

Notes from Sara (March 2008)

The above George Heisler Junior married Lydia Smith. Their daughter Harriet Heisler b. May 11th 1829 married George W. Spence, December 24th 1854. Carrie S. Spence born March 14th 1859 was their daughter & wife of Charles W. Everingham. The Bible appears to have belonged originally to George Heisler, Junior. It looks like the Spence family married twice into the Heisler family with Lydia Spence b. 1768 & George W. Spence b. June 14th 1829.

Last Entry in Bible, 1919
Bible owned by Sara Robbins Hoffman