Everingham Family History Record Reprint... (c)April 2004

A Letter written by:
Anna Maria Trimper
daughter of Enoch Everingham
Sent to: Clayton Everingham

sent to the family web site by S. Danser, April 2004
original copy scans & transcript from Susan Danser
transcribed with spelling errors, as originally written.

Letter written:
January 10th 1884

Mr. Claton Everingham
Crambery Middlesex Co. N.J.
If not delivered within ten days return
to Fred W. Snedaker Burlington N.J.


Dear Uncal and Aunt I sopose the you will be soprised to receive a letter from me who have grown out of your knolage but at the request of Enoch Everingham my father I write to you
  he fell on Christmass eve and broke one of his ribs and one end of the bone cut the bottom part of his lung leting the aire from the lung into his side causing his side to be like a spring and we do not think that he can get over it
  he has got such a bad cough that it does not give his lung a chance to heal
  father has got a grate desire to know weather you are stil on the land and among the living if so pleas write a few lines as soon as you receive this and if you can come and see him. I know that it would cheer his poor old heart to see one of his broathers at least before he dies if you can come and will let us know when

  when you would start we would meet you at the deapo. When you write Direct Enoch Everingham Burlington City new jersey in care fred W. Snedaker

  come if you possible can and if you should come with out letting us know all most eny one in Burlington can tell you whear fred W. Snedaker lives

  I will now cloas with love to all hopeing to hear from you soon. This from your neace

Anna M. Trimper

Write soon
Come soon