Everingham Family History Record Reprint... (c)2008

A Letter written by:
John Judson Everingham
postmarked: Kansas City, MO Jan 25, 1939

sent to the family web site by Helen Hughes, March, 2008
original copy scans & transcript from Helen Hughes

JJ Everingham
81st & Wormall
Kansas City MO.


Armour Home
81st and Wormall
Kansas City, MO
January 24, 1939

Dear Mrs. Hughes, Your esteemed letter of Sept 3, 1938 has come to me today and sent to me by my son Walter T. who doubtless received it from Phylida Ashley E. or from her husband, Dr. Sumner Everingham of Oakland, Calif. Son Walter has, I hope, replied some time ago, but he did not tell me whether he had or not.

I fear from the a sentence in your letter that already you have gone from Meyers, Calif. and you may never get this but I feel like writing to you on the chance I, too, believe that 3 brothers came from Yorkshire, England. They came before the Revolutionary War and one of them, my Great Grandfather, settled in New Jersey. The other two may have died as soldiers in that war. At least when I wrote a sort of history of my father's family and assayed to make a genealogical record I could find no data as to these 2 brothers.

By the way, I have heard that in Yorkshire, there exists now in Yorkshire an "Everingham Church" also "The Everingham Park". But to proceed, The New Jersey family moved to Canada near Niagara Falls after the close of the war and there is an old writing regarding my grandfather. There were several sons in his father's family and because father and sons had fought in Canada the French and Indians, they were entitled to pensions and each to much land. but this old writing says, "Adoram (my grandfather) preferred to be a poor American rather than a rich Royalist", so he crossed to the American side of Niagara Falls and there John Stoughton Everingham was born, my father, in 1809.

My father was married in Geneva NY and I (now 88 years old) was born Dec 4, 1850, in Oswego, N.Y.

There were 4 boys and 4 girls in father's family. At one time, all of us boys lived in Chicago and I came here from there in 1886. I have one sister living, Mrs Jennie Hayden at 1518 Owaso St. Tulsa, Okla.

I have 3 sons and 2 daughters. All married and each has one or more children. 9 in all and all live in Calif. and they are good children and grandchildren if I do say it, as oughtn't to!

Sister Jennie is 4 years older than I am, the good old age of 92.

My oldest son Walter is perhaps more interested in the genealogy of the Everinghams and in all who bear our name, than any other one excepting myself.

My father was a noble man. He was a talented fathful Baptist minister.

Should this reach you I shall be glad of a word in reply.
I am glad of your good letter.
J.J. Everingham