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  • Where as Jacob Everingham & Peggy Dell were desirous of marrying with each other and there being no Clergyman of the established church residing within eighteen miles of either of them and they having made application to me for that purpose and I having advertised them as the law directs, and no objection being made this is therefore to certify that I have accordingly joined them in Matrimony this day, and they are accordingly become lawfully Married according to the law of the Province of Uper Canada. Witness my hand at Willoughby this seventh day of May, 1817. Oriwell Wilson J. P.
    Present - Edward Dell. Adoram Dell. Thomas Vincent.

  • Everingham, Jas.(James) - 10 Oct., 1827 - Mathews, Nancy
      \ Register & Session Book of Stamford Assoc. Presbyterian Church., Rev. John Russell,
         "Jas of Crowland, Nancy Mathews of Thorold, by special license from R. Grant, Esq."

  • DELL, Bamet to JACKSON, Hannah Sept. 4 1840
    both of Adelaide by license. Wit: Adam Dell, John Frank.

  • DELL, Adam, to FRANK, Sarra Sept. 16 1840
    groom of Adelaide, bride of Westminster, by banns.
    Wit: Barnet Dell, John Frank.

  • Everingham, William - 12 Jun 1861 - McCarthy, Mary
      \ Page 62a both of Chinguacousy,groom is the son of James & Nancy / bride is daughter of Samuel & Margaret.
         witness: Mary Jane Taggart, Thomas Black.

  • Everingham, John B. - 6 Jan, 1868 - Conor, Mary
      \ Haldimand Co. Marriage Register (as transcribed by Roger Harris) "John Everingham, 40, born C. West, resident Dunnville, son of William Everingham and Elizabeth Ostrander, married Mary Conor, 41, born Ireland, resident Dunnville, daughter of Casacour Conor and Bridget Conor, 6 January 1868. Witnesses: Thos McGill and J. Sullivan, Dunnville, by Rev J. McNulty, R.C.Church"

  • Vol 22 Pg 37 (Haldimand Co) Aaron LYMBURNER, 20, farmer, Canboro, Canboro, s/o Meleck & Celestial LYMBURNER, married Mary VASBINDER, 18, Canboro, Canboro, d/o Leman & Mary Jane VASBINDER. Witn; William R. VASBINDER & Sarah M. EVERINGHAM, both of Canboro. May 16, 1872, at Dunnville.

  • #013365-73 (York) Thomas H. TRAVISS, 25, East Gwillimbury, same, b, blacksmith, s/o Stephen & Louis TRAVISS, married Eliza EVERINGHAM, 21, North Gwillimbury, same, s, d/o John & Emily EVERINGHAM, witn: William COWISON of East Gwillimbury, Caroline HALL of North Gwillimbury, 26 March 1873, North Gwillimbury

  • 006652-74 Edmond (Edward?) GRAHAM, 22, Yeoman, Uxbridge, same, s/o Richard & Margaret GRAHAM, married Louisa STONER, 17, Uxbridge, same, d/o Henry & Mary Ann STONER. Witn: Richard BOOTH, Scarboro, Mary Jane STONER, Uxbridge. October 21, 1874, Uxbridge

  • #007057-76 - Simon Peter LOVELY, 22, farmer, Newmarket, Watt twp., s/o Patrick & Johanna, married Sarah Mary EVERINGHAM, 21, Crowland twp., Watt, d/o Andrew & Susanna, witn: George & Mary STOKES of Monck & Joseph ATKINSON of Watt , 17 April 1876 at Monck (Rom Cath)

  • Everingham, Ira - 1 July, 1876 - Louisa Norris, Groom-farmer from Onondaga township, Bride-none., Married at Holy Trinity by Lic./both Methodists....Grooms parents; James & Violet Everingham, brides parents; Elizabeth Norris, Witness; Richard and Lucy Davis. Clergy; D. Armstrong. -- NOTE: Lucy Davis & Ira Everingham were siblings.
      \ married at Holy Trinity Anglican Church,
        Onondaga, Ontario Marriage Book 1, pgs 108-109
         (info from Stephen Heeney, January 2004)

  • 007810-79 (Ontario) Lorenzo KELLER, 20, Laborer, Scarboro, Uxbridge Twp., s/o John & Maria KELLER married Catherine STONER, 17, Scarboro, Uxbridge Tp., d/o Peter & Martha STONER. Witn: Henry STONER & Mary Ann STONER of Uxbridge on December 24, 1878 at Uxbridge

  • #003413-1879 (Haldimand Co) James ROWLEY, 45, Widower, Farmer, Scotland, Onondaga, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Jane NORRIS, 29, Ont, Onondaga, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Annie BLACK & Maggie NICHOLS both of Caledonia, 13 Feb 1879 at Caledonia

  • 012931-80 (York Co) Thomas GEORGE, 24, Canada, Buffalo, b, moulder, s/o Robert & Louvina GEORGE, married Elizabeth EVERINGHAM, 26, North Gwillimbury, same, s, d/o John EVERINGHAM (mother's name not recorded), witn: Thos W. EVERINGHAM, Martha DRAPER, both North Gwillimbury, 31 December 1879, North Gwillimbury

  • Everingham, Jonathan - 1 Jan., 1880 - Cain, Henrietta
      \ Marriage Certificate #7141 (as transcribed by Barb Curtindale)

  • Everingham, Alfred O. - 17 November, 1880 - Carpenter, Mary M.
      \ married at Perry Sound, Certificate #207396

  • 003652-1880 (Haldimand Co.) Richard Graham DAVIS, 28, Farmer, s/o Squire & Janet, married Sarah L. Elizabeth EVERINGHAM, 24, Dunnville, Onondaga, d/o James & Violet, witn: Emma T. MELLISH & F. Constance MELLISH both of Caledonia, 22 Nov 1880 at Caledonia

  • Everingham, Annie - 6 Feb., 1883 - McCartney, Frank
      \ Perry Sound Certificate #7743/83 (marriage info from Roger Harris)
         Frank (born in Holland), son of Francis & Bridget McCartney, Witnesses: Alfred & Mary Everingham.

  • 7723-83 Oliver EVERINGHAM, 24, laborer, Crowland, Parry Harbour, s/o Andrew & Susannah, married Mary VANCOUGHNETT, 18, Loborough, Parry Harbour, d/o William & Mary, witn: Levi & Sarah VANCOUGHNETT, 24 Oct 1883 at Parry Harbour

  • #004055-85 (Haldimand Co): Hiram EVERINGHAM, 27, farmer, Ontario, Canboro, s/o Hiram & Charlotte, married Catherine WREN, 19, Ontario, Canboro, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Isa & Annie BLACK of Caledonia, 22 Aug 1885 at Caledonia

  • 11943-85 Hyles DILL, 27, farmer, Crowland, Willoughby, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Emily BATH, 18, England, Willoughby, d/o Emma BATH & father unknown, witn: Alonzo DILL & Annie EVERINGHAM, both of Willoughby, 7 Oct. 1885 at Welland

  • Everingham, Jesse O. - 23 April, 1890 - King, Barbara Boyd
      \ married at Perry Sound, Certificate #8251 (info from Barb Curtindale)

  • #012562-94 (Welland Co): Herbert SNELL, 29, baker, Croydon England, Pt. Colborne, s/o William & Ruth, married Augusta C. EVERINGHAM, 28, Dunnville, Pt. Colborne, d/o James & Eleanor, witn: J.B. & Mary J. STEPHENS of Welland, 18 Oct 1894 at Pt. Colborne

  • 6190-95 (Lambton Co): Christopher John DESAND (or Desaud), 29, farmer, Ontario, Cashemere - Middlesex Co., s/o Archie & Susanna, married Harriet Jane EVERINGHAM, 19, Ontario, Cashmere, d/o Adaran E. & Harriet A., witn: William DESAND & Hattie GILLETT, both of Cashmere, 7 Aug 1895 at Alvinston

  • #012927-96 (Welland Co): John WINING, 25, railway employee, Simcoe Co., Crowland, s/o Louis & Mary, married Annie McVEY, 20, Chippawa, Crowland, d/o Michael & Annie, witn: Rose McVEY & Frank C. EVERINGHAM, both of Crowland, 4 Nov 1896 at Falls View (Rom Cath)


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