Thompsen Henry Everingham
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  2. G'Parents (Gen 1):
    Thompson Henry["HAM"] Everingham, SR., b. Camden, NJ -- approx. 1886
    ---grew to maturity in Philadelphia; worked as mechanic in WRIGHT engine factory during WWI (therefore did not go o'seas)
    ---with father JOHN (Robert?), started EVERINGHAM & SON, hauler & second-hand goods store, on West Market St., Philadelphia (1 block E. of Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane) -- site listed in Thomas' Register of Business up until 1924, then became "EVERINGHAM THE MOVER"
    ---operated drayage of immigrants' goods from the docks, & therefore met MARY MATILDA ELDER as she departed to start work as a governess for one of the American State Dept. families she'd met, while serving as a nurse in the British army (WW I). This was in 1922.

    m. (1924, I believe) to
    Mary Matilda Elder ["Hilda"] (b: approx. 1898, to John Elder & wife (name unknown)
    ---mother delivered baby onboard ship in Territorial Waters off coast of N. Ireland (Derry). As it was then a British state, she became a British Citizen.
    ---raised in Highlands on maternal grandfather's farm. ELDER was a sept name of the MacINTOSH clan, settled near Loch Ness.
    ---ran from home to join Nursing Corps in British Army in 1914 . Served on hospital ship, and in France, even dropping supplies from airplanes to isolated pockets of troops trapped behind enemy lines. Was wounded and evacuated.
    --returned, not to Scotland, but to BELFAST, where she was a streetcar driver, 1919-1922.
    --emigrated to Philadelphia, July, 1922. Met on docks by G' Father, Thompson Henry ("Ham") Everingham

                    1925 -- first child stillborn
                    12/12/1926:  Still living in Philadelphia, 
                                 still have Moving & Storage business.  
                                 First child DOROTHY ILIENE is born.
                    1927 (approx.):  Another stillborn child.  
                                 Lose trucking company, and start 
                                 a seafood (oyster) restuarant.
                                 During Prohibition, Mob  attempts 
                                 to stock restaurant with bootleg.  
                                 G'Father (a Quaker) smashes booze, packs 
                                 single remaining van,  & escapes over 
                                 the mountains to Pittsburgh.
                    1927-1935:   Using a variety of assumed names & 
                                 locations, family hides from mob 
                                 during Prohibition & Beginning of 
                                 depression. Resurface living in 
                                 Oakland (part of Pittsburgh), 
                                 and operating a small secondhand 
                                 shop on Atwood Street.
                    1938:        Family (now 4 children) move to 
                                 "suburbs" -- Irwin, PA, 17 miles 
                                 east of Pgh., directly on 
                                 US Rt. 30 (Lincoln Hwy.)
                                 Erect white frame building with 
                                 Antique Shop annex, Black Gothic 
                                 Letter, called "Thompson's Antique Shop"
                                 Building  Remained there until wrecked in 1976.
    Gen 2: Children of Thompson & Mary Elder:

    A) DOROTHY ILIENE EVERINGHAM (12/12/1926) -- currently living in PA
    m: [5/3/1946] LESTER DAVID PETERS (N. Huntingdon Twp [was IRWIN], PA) : next door neighbor to the Antique Shop!
    Born: 4/21/1922 -- Died: 5/3/1960, lived entire life in N. Huntingdon Twp., PA, Stewartsville neighborhood

    B) THOMPSON HENRY EVERINGHAM, JR [use data he has already given you on his own family & children]
    m: [1959?] IRENE TERESA FRYE, daughter of WELTY & HELEN FRYE, of Crabree, PA
    ---> Catherine Anne Everingham (12/1959)
    m. James STITELER, of DuBois, PA
    ---whole family & grandparents now living near Hilton Head, SC
    ---> Thomas Jeffry Everingham
    ---developer, Silicon Valley
    ---> James Robert Everingham ("JEV")
    -- developer, Silicon Valley

    m (1): [[1953?]: John Pavlovic, Steelworker, Clairton, PA
    m(2): [1967]: JOHN CRIPE [b: ?? d: Colby, KS] Antique dealer, Colby, KS. Couple moved to Colby, kept own antiques business. After husband's death, Mary continued to live in KS.

    Gen 3 & beyond left out to protect privacy....

    Hope this helps your collection. For any details I may have omitted, or that need clarification, please write me, at rdpeters@alumni.pitt.edu.

    Richard D. Peters
    Dunellen, NJ
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